has anyone got any idea how to do helecopter phisics?

please can u help me,
please don’t give me a full propper game demo. just somthing that i can fit on a floppy disk

The same way you do other physics.

What is it exactly that you have problems setting up? What did you try so far?

i just don’t understand how i could make it rise up, when i hold a butten, and also how to make it rotate in the air and dectect colisions

Just use the Motion Actuator.

You can learn a thing or two about logic bricks and how to use them from these docs:


You’ll have to set the world gravity to 0 in order to make it stay in the air.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to change gravity effects on individual objects within the scene.

You can always write a script to apply a consistent force on the z axis to keep things flying. Although, that could be a very touchy setup.

I would think you could use a python scipt to keep it level on the z axis when the lift key or decend key wasn’t being depressed. I’d give it very low mass and let gravity pull it down for decend and use a force for the lift. Another thing you could think about is making it not dynamic and moving it around. This would have the advantage of making the ipo’s work.

does it have to be an actor? If you set your logic brick up right, it wouldn’t need to be.

You can set up constraints (with the constraint actuator) that control its movement limitations.

If your gravity is say, 10, set an always sensor to a movement actuator and set the global Z force to 10, then you have perfect counterbalance against gravity.

I did this with an airplane once. It didn’t work so hot.

Hey I tried that out, balancing the gravity of 9.8 with an upward Z force of 9.8… and I had a hovering cube that I could fly around like a helicopter… sweet… didn’t know the forces corresponded exacly in that way! thanks