Has anyone heard of something like this? (low code game dev)

It’s not the first time I’m hearing of something like this:


What are these things, exactly? Should we -shudder- be USING em? (I’m a guy who’s been there since the old school 8-bit days…)

“In those old 8-bit days,” do you remember things like the Pinball Construction Set? If what you wanted to produce was any sort of “pinball simulation,” you really didn’t need to write anything.

And, I guess you could probably stretch-the-metaphor to say that, for example, “BGE = Blender Game Engine” wasn’t “coding,” either.

The true give-away here should be: "DOWNLOAD FREE." The implications are obvious.

There is a current fad known as the No Code movement, and Buildbox is just one of many engines that emphasize the idea in their design (to the point where I think a few products do not even have scripting).

The issue with visual-based programming is that complex logic can lead to spaghetti layouts that are hard to follow. If you need something quick than nothing is faster, but scripting is still superior for high complexity logic.

Meanwhile, Pablo has been looking into fixing performance problems with Multires.

Could you name some of the others?

My general impression of “this stuff” is - are all games the same now?!! S’been happening ever since Quake - there’s no way you can GENERATE games, unless they’re all like each other - is that the case with this thing, or all it’s ilk, or not?? If NOT, I’d love to know…!

Is the gamecoding industry going to die now??

I played a little bit with Buildbox 2.0 a few years ago to make a simple mobile game with 0 coding experience.

One of the users of buildbox made a game called “Color Switch” that got 200 Million downloads.

The “game engine” back then only had 2D space, and only recently added 3D with Buildbox 3.0

As for “similar” game engines with visual scripting (or drag-and-drop as they call it) you have “GameMaker Studio” which is all about 2D games on all major platforms.

There is also “Construct” game engine.

These types of ‘gamemaker’ programs have been around for a long time. I used ‘The Games Factory’ about 15 years ago. Not a whole lot has changed since then in terms of what these engines can do. They are great for simple mechanics, but are limited to the pre built scripted functions that they offer.

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