Has anyone here played Frets on Fire?

I stumbled upon this the other day, while searching for some Wii related stuff. It’s basically a Guitar Hero clone, but you play it by holding the keyboard like a guitar.

It’s awesome I tells ya. It’s also open source and makes generous use of python. You can download songs from community sites and import songs from Guitar Hero. Great for sneaky office jam sessions. Check it out,I’m off to conquer The Final Countdown by Europe…:RocknRoll:


Yup, I’ll have to second that. A guy brought it in about 6 months ago and we’ve been having a ball ever since. I absolutely LOVE the idea of it having it’s own editor, allowing you to turn your favourite track into a song you can play.

Haven’t bothered to look into the source yet, but I wonder how hard it wold be to add some on-the-fly rendered scenes ala GH. I think that would seriously increase the cool factor…

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