Has anyone made an enemy radar?

I’m working on an enemy spawning script for my game and thought it would interesting to incorporate a radar. Has anyone had any luck making one and willing to share? Just curious.


I don’t know how you’ll do if you have an unspecified amount of enemies. There’s an easy way if the number of radar objects is fixed (global position variables, overlay scene, ratios ‘n’ stuff) but I don’t know about variances in numbers.

I know you can now (Since 2.4 or so I think) have a picture in picture effect. I’m not sure if it can show different layers to the main view. If so, you could put all the enemies on their own layer and just show an iso projection from above the map as a radar! (Or a camera parented above the player pointing down - Same dif)

I assume you skimmed through the stickies first (I think there might be one there).

I never made one personally, but if I needed to make one, I would simply use the ‘getPosition()’ and ‘getOrientation()’ functions within a py script, which would (according to the returned values) set the position of “points” on a “radar” mesh (textured plane).

It’s a little bit of math, but very easy to do.