has anyone made an Isometric RPG?

Just wondering, if there are any Blender made games with the map and the sprites etc. Baldurs Gate, that sort of thing. I think I am going to attempt it.

I tried before, doesn’t seem worth it though. I Tried with RPG Maker 2k map tiles and sprites. I mean if you have 3d possible why try to go 2d?

Use Game Maker for that. Game Maker has a no-programming style like Blender, and you can use Java instead of Python.

I used PRG Maker 2k as well, and i thought it was pretty good. Another excellent 2D game maker is RPG toolkit, however i think you need to know some type of programming language

I think Freeroid was a tile-based 2D RPG being made in blender, but i haven’t heard much about it. Personaly I’d stick with 3D

Modron! I’ve been planning on doing this for some time now :). I’m learning python (still too much of a noob ;)), but once I’ve learned enough I’m going to start on a project like this.

Good luck!



cool man, keep me posted on how it goes, and i will check out these other programs, and also ask basse if he’s had any luck. I am almost completely python inept, but I am learning slowly. Thanks for the responses guys.

I found these threads that seemed in some way relevant to making a scroller. if anyone else is similarly inclined you may want to scan these

Saluk had something like that. Ask him about his Strategy Demo.

I remember another demo, where the player had to collect items while avoiding bats. It was very arcade like and used sprites. The player moves around in tubes or something. Does anyone remember that game?

Now, if you are willing to go beyond Blender, I would advise you to speak with the developer of Ragnarok Online ath the following URL:

The game is rendered in 3d and uses 2D sprites for the characters. It is also an RPG game just like Bulder’s Gate. Check it out.

While you’re at it, check this out too:

I’ve used that program for over 2 years before finding Blender here in my quest to start with 3D games, it also has a programming language in a similar style to python. Only it was made by it’s creator and not one like Java or C

Here’s a 2D scroller I started a long time ago. This was just a test. It is hardly nothing. I was just trying to see if it was worth while to do with Blender, and I think you could make a really nice 2D scroller with Blender.
Just using Planes.
It is currently a work WIP, It has Climbable Ladders, Moving Platforms,
Escalators, Secret Passages to different levels, ETC… I haven,t touched the file in almost aatleast 6 months. I have been Mastering FLASHMX 2004
and learning ActionScript for the last year. I havn’t even posted in a while.
I will be starting working with Blender again on a regular basis. I sure did miss it. I sure was hoping the game engine would of been further along in the new release, but beggers cant be choosy.


The NDNChief…

CONTROLS: (RightArrow) to walk (Space) to shoot.

well you CAN do blender isometric cam in game… so just play around with that


I made a little Isometric demo, but it didn’t work too well with the ortho camera (runs best with 2.34):

Download me!

Keys: Left, right, up, and down to pan, and pad +/- to zoom in and out.


P.S. Those little grey floating things are boats. :wink:

Oh, forgot to say, you can do anything with that demo as long as I am in the credit.

the link seems to be dead…did you swtich hosting?

I’ll put it online for you.

Hey I’m actually using the backup system now :slight_smile: Nice idea I knowed we could use it :smiley: