Has anyone made Armor for a character?

I want to have the ability to pick up different kinds of armor in the game. Such as body armor, rings, necklaces, boots, ect. The armor would then parant to the otherwise stripped-down character. Then it would affect the total reflection of the character to other enemy attacks. Has anyone tried this yet? It would almost need to be a python script that influences complex parenting.

no fancy python needed, but python always helps.
just have an armor object, with a replace mesh actuator.

I have been testing some ways to do this. I have a cube with a texture parented to an outside cube. The outside cube AKA origianl armor has the replace mesh logic brick to another cube in the background. I have it to simply replace mesh when I hit the A key, but to go back to the original outside cube is impossible. I had the background cube connected to another cube in the background with logic bricks to where when I hit the B key it would switch to that one. It will not allow this- it seems once you have replaced a mesh then that is it.

Just to add I am wanting to make about a hundred pieces of armor to switch between. So switching the armor only once will not work for what I am attempting to do.

Thank you for any direction on this.

I think you misunderstand the ReplaceMesh command. It doesn’t change the object in any way, it just has it use a different mesh data. It’s not a combination of AddObject and EndObject.

Thank you I understand what I need to do now.