Has anyone managed to create fur in Blender?

Like seriously, I’ve been using blender for some years and I’ve never been able to have anything good out of hair particles on animals or creatures. I mean, sure, making hair on a human character, it does the job just fine. But what about filling a whole body of fur from top to bottom in it, taking to account, eyes, mouth, nose, etc?

Has anyone ever managed to do it? I’m starting to think it can’t do it at all. And the few examples I’ve seen are very very few and when I try contacting the person who did it to share how they’ve done it, I get no response.

Considering that almost no one uses Hair particles for fur, mostly just for hair or grass makes me wonder if it can’t at all do it, and the few Blender magicians that do it, keep their secret under lock and key…

There are zero tutorials on this except videos that demonstrate the sliders by making a fur ball which teaches you nothing because I could’ve just started moving the sliders by myself in Blender and would’ve gotten the samething, or extremely outdated videos that don’t have good results to begin with.

Why is it, that to my knowledge there are no videos, tutorials or paid courses about this? Is blender really incapable of doing that sort of task?

I mean, if it is, please prove me wrong and show me the way because after all of these years in Blender, I have not once had a good result no matter how many times I do it or how hard I try.

I’m sure there are more. Look into the Big Buck Bunny production.

Try this one https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=9DUievrHo0Q

Edit: UUps, just saw it’s the same Blenderdiplom tit as above

I have already seen all of that and nothing has really helped. The shader of the one with the cat doesn’t even proprely work on my side.

Anything else outhere more modern and up to date? Something that shows how to achieve fur like this one seen on this thread:

That video is useless. You learn nothing new there. Why don’t people make tutorials like that on a full wolf, or a cow or something? Start to finish. I’d pay for that!

This is part 5 of a character series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oSdxx1G8qC0

I’ll take a look at that series. I never found it in my searches.