Has anyone sold a game that was fully made in BGE?

I want to know if anyone has sold a game using Blender’s Game Engine? I’m not talking like exporting Blender files to Torque’s Game Engine or Unity’s, I mean a game that was done all out in the Blender Game Engine itself. Like on Steam or a place that sells games digitally.

This is the only one I know of:


Is there anymore of them?

Trust me dude, if there were, they would be more popular.

I’m sure there are many people on this forum trying to make commercial games. Unfortunately, most of those people are teens and kids, so you can’t expect much. I’m not saying we all suck, it’s that the quality that a kid/teen produces, is usually much less then what a fully educated adult (already through high school and in collage or university).

That being said, don’t let the amount of the commercial games bring you down, if you want to make your game commercial, your going to have to do a lot of work. It is possible, for sure, you just to need to put a lot of good quality work into it.

I am working on 4 games in my free times, target: commercial.
(I am working in gamedev.)

I know there is but I’m just curious. Like a few that I see in production right now such as Project Aftershock and Ignite. And there’s commercial games that aren’t for sell like Yo Frankie, Jump N’ Ghost, Games at the Blender Games website, etc. It doesn’t bring me down that there’s barely any games out for sell that was all done in Blender. I love using it and it most certainly can produce high quality stuff at a good performance :). Usually it’s only parts of blender like models, textures, animations and other stuff that gets exported to other programs. I mean yes there’s reasons why people wouldn’t use the BGE is because they’ve already learned a programming language for a certain engine they want to use and don’t really feel like learning another language and/or use to another program they’ve been using for so long and they tend to stick with what they got.

Right now what I would like to know if I can make a game done out in Blender and sell it up on Steam. Why I choose Steam is because there’s a lot people on it and far as I know it’s one of the best places to market downloadable games, that, and I want to put in achievements and online play.

this guys : http://www.blendernation.com/playenglish-psp-used-blender/

this guys : http://www.blendernation.com/playeng…-used-blender/
The game looks good. However, it’s not using the Blender Game Engine (it’s only using Blender for exporting models and content).

If your background question is: Can I sell a game made with blender? The answer is yes, you can sell your game. (You can even sell blender :)).

It doesn not matter if other do that. It is just your choice.

The biggest obstacle is the GPL License.
You have to distribute the GPL sources. For Blender or the Blenderplayer it is enough to reference www.blender.org. As the sources are available there.
This sounds not that bad, does it?

If you make changes to the sources you have to distribute them as well (the are GPL).
Most likely you haven’t changed that.
So it is no big deal either.

But one thing:
If you build one file including GPL content, all of the content goes GPL.
That means if you distribute a big executable all of it (inkl. models, textures etc.) are GPL as well. So you have to distribute the .blend (as source). You can’t prohibit others to give it away for free, or to sell it, or to make changes to it.

You can split the files into GPL and Non-GPL. The Non-GPL part would be .blend, .jpg, .wav, .avi etc… So you can have your own licence on them. But they are also easy to read.

So If I make a game in blender and want to sell it I have to distribute the blend also so that people can change/ edit the game any way they see fit and they can also distribute it to others for free/resell it, thus taking away my profits?

So unfortunately if what I just said is correct there is no point in selling a game made in blender as it only takes one person to buy it then that person could just redistribute it.

You might want to take a look at this (Link).

If you make only one big .exe file (e.g. for windows) you must distribute also the source (because a part of that exe is under GPL licence, so everything goes under gpl because of the licence[read it if you don’t know it]).
If you make a .exe file (with the gpl content, like the blenderplayer) and than all your work is in .blend and image files, and the .exe read it to play the game (it is the append/link function), you hold the copyright of your stuff, you haven’t to distribute the sources, but .blend and images are ready to read(no protection against piracy).
Maybe a way can be that you make and exe file (with the gpl content, and so you must distribute the source of that content, like blenderplayer) and another file crypted in (e.g.) AES. When you run the game, the exe decrypt the file crypted(even using other tool like TrueCrypt, that is open source), so it can read your files, and once finished it can remove them.

Edit: the answer before mine is perfect! :slight_smile:

I’m on a mac…

here there is a way of protect the content with out braking the law http://blenderecia.orgfree.com/index.php/outros/a-hora-e-a-vez-da-blender-game-engine/
(it’s in Portuguese but Google translator is for that) basically he says that you can make a open source binary that points to a protected .blend (.blends files can be copyrighted and protected)

Btw the blog owner is using blender to make real time domes in blender like this http://www.youtube.com/user/dfelinto and it’s a commercial project…

Is there anymore of them?

Yes, but we’re reluctant to post them on the only site with people capable of hacking into the project files (:

The other reason is that you guys aren’t the target market; for example, I make simulations for the education sector. Here is a rough video demonstration of what we’ve done (and are selling) with the BGE:
My work is owned by the company so I can’t give any of the code back to the community. It’s bugged me for ages that I can’t return the help I’ve been given over the years. I’ve been making a network FPS/3rd Person shooter LAN network game in my spare time and I’ll be uploading it in the coming months as an example for all those interested.

i sold my first piece of work for $500

Assets can be combined into the source blend file, and that be distributed along with the BlenderPlayer - you don’t have to leave them out of the blend file to be commercially available to sell.