has anyone some info about GROW MODELLER script?

Hey, people, I found this Grow modeller script in the Blender wiki, here is the link:

but there is no serious info about how to use it! It is very big, and well documented, but still its not enough for using it. It runs with bat3a 2.62 build, but it needs to be runed from the text editor and makes several panels, it seems to be extremely powerful, but there is no info for it and there is no link to the authors site or mail…
So if anyone has an idea how it works, please tell us, or even better - make a tutorial, please!:eyebrowlift2:

Indeed from Shift Ctrl U it gives errors, loading from text, it works …
Understanding is too a lot of work ;-).
Foots and buds activation gives empties assigned to the just active object.
If you have a ‘chain’ of objects and parenting them to the empties you only have to animate the empties and
some properties can be done in the UI panel (rotation at least). What the other parameters are for too not
(yet) understood … more investigation needed or (we) have to contact the author ?!

hmm, I reached the same results and Im wondering… footnode- budnode - it maybe means foot object(aka leg) and bud node ma ybe means butt(aka lowerbody)… and I dont understand why is called “growmodeller” there is no function for growing
Yes, it needs more investigation, I will take the problem today more seriously, hope i succeed to unveil it
thanks for the help, PKHG, if you find something more interesting, please write it in this thread!
…about contacting with the author-I found his email adress in the script and wrote him, so, I hope that he answers me…