Has anyone tried the new blender 2.72 release candidate FBX importer ?

I’m trying to import a mesh with an armature and it gives me empty objects in the location that the bones should be in .
I’ve recorded a video that demonstrates the problem :
Here i’m trying both FBX importers.

Any idea how can i solve it ?

I can’t be the only one right?..

So I went and tried a bit with mixed results.

First question for you - where did the file come from? I would guess on export the bones were exported as empty objects, which makes me think of 3DS. If you can re-export it with different settings maybe that would help, and yes, it’s as much fun exporting/importing from any program using FuBarXport format - it’s an fn quest every time.

Another option is get autodesk FBX convertor and screw around with that.

I managed to import (using the usual) ok a non animated mesh and armature. Experimental does not import the feet right.

Thanks for helping ! very appreciated .
This is funny, i’ve tried to import FBX files i’ve exported with blender 2.71, and it said that it can’t import ascii, then i’ve tried to convert them to binary using the autodesk fbx converter 2013, and it gave me the results that you can see in the video i’ve uploaded.
Now i’ve tried ( With blender 2.72 ) to export both normal FBX exporter and experimental and i was able to import both with the animation with no problem, so i guess it doesn’t have backward compatibility.

Very awesome blender has this functionality now, it was very annoying that i had to use other program like 3ds max or maya in order to edit fbx files i’ve made with blender.