Has anyone tried the Pro-Lighting Studio addon?

As the subject states, has anyone had experience with Pro-Lighting Studio? It is pretty steeply priced compared to other addons. I have written queries about it to the authors but have had no answers yet.

I wondered if one could use some of their setups and then modify and save them or is it so self-contained that it cannot be altered.

I do want to learn more about lighting, as I am learning more each day about all aspects of this amazing program and I don’t think it would become a crutch to prevent me from doing my own lighting setups. But it sounds like it could also be a pretty good learning tool in seeing how their setups are arranged.

Thanks for any info on this.

In Pro-Lighting Studio the light setup can be made “real” therefore giving you the possibility to make your own adjustments to it independently from the add-on (which otherwise, if you disable it, the lighting rig would be removed from the scene). Nothing that you can’t reproduce by yourself but simpler to set it up quickly and to test different lighting rigs.

i loooove that plugin. It has really changed my experience with rendering. I am not a lighting expert but it litterally is the make sexy button. I use it for every preview now. I dont have an opinion on his other ones but this one is my favorite. The backgrounds, floors and stuff are kinda meh but the lighting is just fabulous haha.

I bought it and love it. My strong suit is modeling…texturing and lighting…not so much. :slight_smile: That being said, if you’re just starting I’m not so sure you need this. On one hand it could be helpful to scroll through different lighting setups as it might help inspire you, but on the other there are lighting tutorials out there that are free. I’m sure you could use this as a learning tool but it just seems like an expensive way to go for just that.

For reference, here’s a before and after of a quick project I worked on. It takes no time at all to get results which is great.


Thanks for the input. I will hold off for a bit as I am not required at this point to produce any rendered scenes and will look around at available lighting setup tutorials. Part of what I like about Blender is the adventure, or the journey of learning it. Thank you again for taking the time to reply.

Other alternative is to buy a couple of hdri:

free ones and cheap in general.

Don’t forget about Sibl GUI - Free and lots of free HDRI environments to boot.

Does the Sibl GUI work in 2.77a? Thanks for the info on the HDRI stuff.

As has been said, you can do it all yourself, without too much effort. A good HDRI will produce good results. A good HDRI with a good light set up will substitute for sIBL.

It all depends on how much effort you want to put in. If the answer is none to low, then buy. If the answer is higher, then just do it yourself.

Personnally, I prefer create my own setups, add them to my Asset Management library and switch between them easilly !


I can do this with lights, assets, custom setups like this gif, with lights, floor, cameras etc.

Yup, sure does, use it all the time. :slight_smile:

Hey thats a nice setup.

Pitiwazou…that looks pretty darn neat. Care to share that? Or have instructions on how I could create something like that? Colkai thank you also for the heads-up on the addon working with 2.77.

It’s really simple, you just have to place your objects in a parent, activate the replace, the multi and select this parent.
The replace works for multi objects or single objects.


You can add your own floors


Same for lights


You can add everythings ^^

There is a little video to explain, I will make a better one today.

Looks amazing. Asset management is an add On? I look forward to you next video…I will have to study the one you linked me to. Looks a bit beyond what I know how to do in Blender right now. Thanks for the elaborate reply. I will go over these more slowly and try to figure out just what you are doing. Will you have audio on your next one?

Yes it’s an addon, look at my signature :wink:

I just bought your addon pitiwazou. now I must learn it. Did you ever finish the new and better vid you mentioned above? Thank you!

Not finish yet, sorry.

No problem…didn’t mean to rush. I am just anxious to learn how to do the lights setup using your addon. I appreciate your doing this!

I plan on buying that asset management add on when I get paid
It looks amazing