Has anyone tried to setup the BGE to match another Game Engine?

I have a question, but it comes with lack of experience with game engines in general.

I recently played a game called “System Shock 2”. I’m sure many of you heard of it. This newly updated version that is available on Steam has higher resolutions than the original, but it maintains the same characteristics. Most notably, edges are extremely clean and the rendering is very smooth.

I would like to setup BGE to exactly match the way that looks. From what I understand, BGE is very advanced compared to what was available when System Shock was first released, so I was wondering how and what I can do to set something like this up.

I’m not sure where to start or even what settings to look into. I just know, that I would like it to run at 1920x1080 fullscreen. How can I match characteristics?

It would be helpful to link a video of the looks you want to replicate.

I found this link on youtube, that shows exactly what I’m referring to. It’s the beginning of the game. First there is a Tron like training area, and then near the end of that, if you skip forward, the objects are more solid modeled. The interface is extremely clean, especially when you are looking at it at 1920x1080.

Set the according dimension and enable Fullscreen flag. It would be more user-friendly to enable the desktop flag too.