Has anyone tried using Razer 17 button mice to speed up modelling?

I have a nice laptop, 1080, i5-3210 with a 7730M (nice specs anyway for $550, but it’s a dell). Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a numpad. I have a little USB numpad which works fine, but with all the wires and such, it’s kind of annoying to make it portable. Razer makes these mice for MMO play (which I have no interest in), that have 17 programmable buttons on them. I can see how that would replace a numpad and shorten a few other awkward hotkeys. My interest is piqued, but I was wondering if anyone else had any experience with these. Are they comfy? Are the buttons manageable? How’s the learning curve? Do you like it? $130 like?

All laptops should have numpad at least as a secondary option (fn + j,k,l etc). There’s also “emulate numpad” option in user preferences which enables Blender to use normal 0-9 keys as numpad.

I can see your point, it may well work out quite well. I have a 5 button mouse and I remap middle mouse to a different button cause I hate actually clicking the wheel. What I can say for certain, I bought a 3D mouse, and it sits unused :(. So I’d make sure which ever one you get it’s comfotable as a standard mouse in case you don’t you any of the extended functionality.

I think I’m going to pick a used one up. I’ll do a write up after some time with it.