Has BGE entered current gen tech?

been away for quite some time… busy with school etc. just downloaded the new blend release. i just had to ask, is the bathroom demo scene with the rubber ducks rendered in bge?! becasue that is like dx9. can blender really render that kind of quality? :spin:sorry, i’ve been away for a year+

i’ may resurrect a project of mine soon and if bge can do ogre3d / crystal space quality it’ it just motivates me that much more:yes:

Yeh it is all rendered in real time in the BGE. With the apricot project theres been hundreads of bug fixes and the implementation of GLSL. Along with a bunch of other cool features and new controllers, actuators and sensors.

But why no try it out yourself? you can download the bathroom .blend from the thread, and run it with 2.48.

Also check out Endi’s Boom, crazy stuff.

Oh and check out the Apricot project while your at it (if u havent already seen it) The Dvds are about to be shipped.

Not only is there now GLSL, softbodies, and a bunch of other improvements, but in the SVN ben and asshid have implemented video textures :smiley:

feature wise bge is mostly up to date, with GLSL (including normal maps and stuff right in the materials panel), softbodies, state system, soon video texture player, and other stuff.

Speed wise however it is still behind, a lot of memory leaks have been fixed and improvements made, but there is still much to do.

yes yes oh yay, its from blender. nice huh? :smiley:

The new blender is much improved, and it is amazing in its own right.

It is nowhere near being current gen though. It has no support for realtime bloom or HDR lighting without scripts, that is. Those features are already commonplace in many games.

The things I’m missing the most is non-GPU intensive shadow buffers from all light sources. Bloom and HDR would be nice too still they usually require more work on the artiest part to get it to look right then really is needed. There are also some much needed tools for game development like scripts for level design specific tasks, Also maybe a script that automatically apples a new texture that is shadow backed on all selected objects.

In the mean time there are plenty of workarounds so get’a cracking.

so because it only works with scripting the BGE isn’t capable? ha ha ha!

Off screen rendering seems to be the biggest missing thing graphically…
I wonder if the video texture plugin could have a second camera render to a texture?

The BGE could be faster, but it’s already much improved.

What we need now is lots of optimizations in Logic, object management, and a really good culling system for graphics.

I wonder if the video texture plugin could have a second camera render to a texture?

Render to texture is being worked out at the moment. Should be available in a few days in SVN.

Yeah, we need to be able to handle many more polygons, like CD was saying. Even if its not that the BGE can handle more polygons, but it has a way to automatically (or with only a few user-steps) use LOD and loading/unloading of objects to far away this would boost its performance a great deal.

That’s great!

i see. thank for all the speedy reply.

besides just GLSL, there is also Krum.

What is render to texture? Doesn’t it have to do with refraction or something?

It’s very close, it needs many things like soft shadows, realtime reflection, GI, etc. And the (realtime:p) rendering process isn’t very effective.

Krum has the best graphics that I have seen for a non-commercial game, but looking at these games developed recently… what the Unreal 3/CryEngine 2 engines can do.