Has Blender ever totally FUBARed a computer?

This is a serious question. Blender was the last thing that I used last night before shutting off the computer. This morning the computer refused to boot up. Not only that, but it refused even to go into safe mode or kick up my last known good configuration. After talking to a technician by telephone he and I agreed that all I could do was perform a total reformating of my computer. Ten hours later I had everything from my word processor to my hardware peripherals reinstalled. It’s been one heck of a day.

The thing is that unless it’s something weird that Microsoft has done to my computer software during one of it periodic updates it’s almost got to be some software that I’ve recently installed. So I’m asking. Does anyone know of Blender ever having done this to a computer?


Nope. Blender is one of the best behaved apps around - it just installs its files in its own little folder and that’s it - doesn’t mess around with your operating system’s internals, or drivers, or leave crap scattered across your disk. I’d be very surprised if Blender caused anything even remotely close to what happened to you.

Thanks broken, that’s a relief.

Me neither, never had a problem with Blender on any of the machines I loaded it on.

Granted most of my systems are various flavors of Linux, but even the lone Window$ machine hasnt had any problems with blender other than a difficulty in detecting the python app.

Do you use IE? :stuck_out_tongue: That’s probably the biggest cause of computer problems.

We do know that blender with certain graphics cards will cause problems [usually just blender exits and nothing else is harmed]

but with a sufficiently detailed mesh I’ve been able to consistently crash the video drivers [xp looks weird at 640x480 in 16 colors], but merely rebotting will fix things
[oh, and iirc this will corrupt the display before it reverts to the other drivers]

but blender shouldn’t do anything on its own that would cause a computer to not work [especially after a reboot]

it could have been any number of things… but I guess it is too late to worry about now

Wiggie Wrote:

Do you use IE? That’s probably the biggest cause of computer problems.

I could not agree more. For some reason now, IE crashes whenever I try and open a link in a new browser window. :expressionless:

another thing is that when IE crashes it crashes all the other browser windows aswell.

I was doing some research earlier to try and fix the problem with IE, had about 12 browser windows open all from various forums and help sites. Unfortuneately one of these sites must have had a target="_blank" in the code :frowning:

Thanks IE, you’ve just made my default browser - FireFox. Why did I choose fire fox again? %| …ah yes, because it works and it allows me to browse the web freely :smiley:

PS: Are they still calling IE a web browser or have they renamed it to something more appropriate :-?

Actually, it could be hardware related. You could have had a critical sector on the drive go bad. Drives leave a certain amount of spare sectors to swap with defective ones, but sometimes an error can still happen. If it occurs in a critical area it can prevent the system from operating.

When you say it wouldn’t boot … what error message was it giving you?

PS: Are they still calling IE a web browser or have they renamed it to something more appropriate icon_confused.gif

Yeah, and they could easily rename Firefox to FireHOG, because it hogs all your memory. I frequently have to restart Firefox because it slows my computer to a crawl :frowning: Too bad, cause I like it’s functionality.

Agent 86.5 it was the screen that said, we are sorry that we cannot start Window. You have either a hardware or software problem. Then it gave me a list of options ranging from safe mode to resetting to a known safe setting. But it would not actually allow these options to occur. All it would do was continuously recycle to this warning screen.

i would never trust updates from the web that screw with my OS.

Well…too late for advice now I guess but did you try recovery console? Personally, I would have tried that before blowing away my HDD. Suprised the tech you spoke with didnt suggest it.

Past versions of blender (prior to 2.36?) could seriously fubar a computer. It had to do with how file saving worked. Check the release logs.