Has BlenderArtist.org been hacked?! Google searches lead to "hangama tube"

Try to google something related to Blender. Then pick a Blender Artists result. It will open a webpage called “hangama tube” instead of BlenderArtists!

Happens here too.

Yea something wrong is going on. Getting some funny behaviour from the site as well, sometimes landing on hangama as well.

on mobile, the little icon for going to the latest post is pointing to hangama as well.


Yep, I am getting the Google interception here in the UK too - very annoying. You can get to stuff by directly typing in http://www.blenderartists.org into your address bar though.

Do you think the problem lies with BA or Google? Is someone messing with nameservers here like they did with twitter and Ny times last week?

same here, very suspicious. PRISM strike back :slight_smile:

looks that cloudflare.com hosting problem.

Dont know enough about these type of things to help.

But yes Belgium s been hacked too!

Looks like BA is hacked - I think if the referrer is Google it returns a 301 Permanently Moved response :frowning: Expect BA to be offline soon to fix it. Hope they have a recent backup.

I have it too!It doesn’t look like that any code on the page (at least the html/javascript part. Php not sure) is compromised. I think the people that cracked the forum placed a modified “.htaccess” file on the server that redirect any referer access on blenderartist.org to that page, so it doesn’t only happen in google but all pages and search engines that link to blenderartist.Also for some reason it does a type of urlrewrite for files like:http://www.blenderartists.org/design/baorg2012dark/images/statusicon/forum_old-48.png but not for:http://www.blenderartists.org/design/baorg2012dark/images/statusicon/forum_new-48.png it probably uses a nasty bug in the forum to write files on the server

Here too, it only started a couple of hours ago for me.

Edit: All mods appear to be offline at the mo, but I’ve sent a pm, hopefully they’ll get it when they come online if they don’t already know about problem.

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve seen this kind of hack before on other sites. Hopefully we can resolve it quickly.

Thanks guys for the tickets and heads up. Talking to Rackspace and diving into it now.

If I were a hacker, I would definately avoid hacking anything relating to Ton Rosendaal. Ton’s probably putting them in a cyber sleeper hold right now. Stupid Hackers. Thanks for getting the site back up guys. woot.

Thanks for all the work you spent to bring the site on line again!

It a shameful act to destroy art and art education like that. Horrible Trolls!

I wonder if this is happening to anyone else…

I have a little shortcut on my tool bar to get to BA quickly. When I checked this morning to see if the site was up… I got a 404 message and the address in read http: BAorg/forum forum forum forum ect… about 15 times… So I manually went and deleted the forums forums… stuff, hit enter… and wala there was the site.

But I guess shortcuts must have gotten somehow messed up (or at least mine did) But I wonder how many people are using a shortcut to get to the site, and still think it is down?

Can someone confirm when the site returned on line in US time?

Hi there,

It sounds like you may be seeing a cache’d version of the redirect I put in last night. I am glad you were able to get around it and the site is online here in the states. However looks like there is a registration bug I need to squash!

glad you got it sorted

Ooops! Hacked again :slight_smile:
Several years ago got the same with my site. It was server fault :slight_smile:

Nooo!! Don’t take away my blender artists for another day :frowning: