Has image creation/editing integration been discussed?

I realize there’s no great need for this, as there are many popular commercial and opensource programs out there, like Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, etc… but I was just curious if these programs’ functions were ever proposed for Blender since their use is so essential to Blender use?

Beyond the wisdom of doing so, would it be “kosher” to integrate something like the Gimp into Blender? I’m asking in terms of how the whole opensource licencing would fit in, and whether that would be allowed or frowned upon.

I was mainly curious because I was thinking it’d be kind of cool to be able to create, say an entire film in Blender without any secondary apps.

I personally dislike programs that try to do everything - usually they do everything poorly and they end up far more bloated than they really need to be.

In my opinion :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you are looking for. Do you mean for post processing needs? Cause you can save animations as strips of image files and then do ink and paint jobs or whatever on them and assemble them later.

The thing is that I think most ppl would like to use what tools they know and are comfortable with. The thing is that Gimp for example is a very mature and capable tool, and it will take a long time for a Blender-tool to exceed that. I know that the developers are experimenting with verse as we speak and that interface might allow sharing things like texture data between Gimp and Blender (just speculating, someone else can confirm/deny). If so, it might be possible to UV-map a model in Blender, share the data with Gimp and texture the model in realtime. IIRC…

I would rather see more development on the audio-tools (the tools can, atm, only load uncompressed formats and can’t save it to video files). I would be nice to let the sequencer be able to handle that. Image/video output works great right now, we only need audio to get on par with that to make Blender a more “complete” solution for video creation.

I agree.

I’m not asking because I think it should be done, though I admit, I’d like it. I’m just curious if there was ever discussion in this regard.

But in any event, I’m not talking about some weird hybrid way of integrating, but just putting something like this into the program as separate modes. There are lots of Blender features that people never touch.

…Like Windows? :smiley:

I would like some aditions to the real time, on model texture painting. They have a cool clone feature in the UV editor for texture painting, it would be great if you could do it on your model though. Those nasty little seams would go away.

Yes, it’s been discussed:




Hey - Wierd idea - How about Blender being able to pass a rendered image to another program with a command line for post processing?

Can Gimp post process an image from a command line?

How about a film or video printer that can be passed one frame at a time from a command line?