Has the page code broken on you? Post here if it has.

Because now I disovered that everytime I post a reply, I get errors in the page.For example, having empty lines to make my post more readable isn’t working, I can’t click on any of the emoticons or any of the other options, and I can’t even edit my posts if I made a typo or I need to clarify something.So basically I’m left with a basic textbox that I can’t do anything with like make certain things bold or put quotes, code, or images in, I can’t organize my post with empty lines, and editing is impossible. O.oHas this ever happened to you or is this just me or is this a new thing?

EDIT: The page code is error free again, but the above is the only way I could write posts because of the errors, I still wonder if anyone got problems with the reply system code like that.