Has 'Tris to Quads' feature been replaced?

Since Blender 2.75, the Tris to Quads function does not work anymore. Has it been replaced by something else, or is it just a bug?

it does work here… at least in current builds.

@Spiderman, features shouldn’t stop working, if they’re replaced they would be removed.

Please report a bug with a test-case that fails.

Here on Win7Pro 64bit and Blender 2.75 official stable 64bit zipped package (not the MS installer) the ALT + J function works properly.

2.75a on Win 64 looks ok
may be try to re install and re test

happy bl

I tried the zipped package and ALT+J now works, but it still doesn’t work when I select multiple faces.

As ideasman42 said, make a bug report.

Works fine, I don’t know what you are talking about

2.75a 64 bit windows

hang on, let me try it in linux…