Hash Animation, Milkshape 3D...I almost feel sorry for them...like genuinely sorry

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For nostalgic purposes, I recently posted this topic in reddit:

And someone mentioned Milkshape 3D and Hash Animation…
Oh man…nostalgic…
Their modeling and rendering capabilities are long gone by ANY standard of today and they are still asking for money for their software, now let me be clear I personally feel there is nothing wrong with that…

I just feel…sorry…
And at the same time…makes me GENUINELY APPRECIATE Blender.
What a powerful tool.

I am just rambling…sorry.

(3dcgfx) #2

This took me a minute to remember it’s name :smiley:
I had this but didn’t use it, found at thrift store around 2006, I just read the book to glean any old extra weird info and only skimmed the actual program disk.
I can’t remember the names of some of the old “Normal map capable” game engines I used…

(burnin) #3

Not sorry, appreciative and glad those were all here for us to get experienced & evolve.
Just look at how much is missing from millennials today to be on the same level. Especially when one considers how to gain patience, perseverance & respect. Kids would rather use brute force, power & aggression - repeating the dumb tasks everyday instead of learning code & automate the whole shit out of tools at hand.
Rest is deserved with works, not by talking & whining.

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It’s technical free now Truespace…I downloaded it and really WANT to love it…really want to give it some love…
But it is just so…un-intuitive !
You managed to do anything with it 3dcgfx ?

(masterxeon1001) #5

In my callcenter days when I was struggling to get an app on the PCs I was about to become a Nendo user.

But I was also trying this one. This video had me hooked back in the day.

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Went to http://www.izware.com/nendo/
did NOT see the purchase/buy button.
So few buttons !
It’s either very powerful…or…erm…simple.

(Ace Dragon) #7

For 3D game development especially, applications like Truespace and Milkshape 3D were once some of the only options that hobbyists were able to afford (because you also needed robust I/O abilities). The only free option at that time that was notable was Anim8or and was pretty basic compared to the others.

Now though, you have more modern options and even free ones such as our favorite 3D app. That is also not to mention that we are seeing attempts at a new generation of modeling-specific apps. with low-cost or free tiers such as Vectory.

(Bracer) #8

Almost make me excited until I saw that it is cloud based.
I nope out of it so quickly.
But thanks for bringing up Anim8or, I need to go and check out how it has been now.

(Pesho) #9

Even in 2002 i considered Milkshape to be pretty “bottom of the barrel” - there were other free modellers like Anim8or and OpenFX that had more features.

At that time Blender was still lightyears ahead of any of them though.

(oaschwab) #10

Does anyone remember when a couple programmers left Newtek and made Project Messiah? I remember there was one extremely talented artist that used it and had some really impressive work shown on it…

Found out they still sell it


Rip in peace lightwave

(Ace Dragon) #12

Lightwave is still being developed (the newest version is less than a year old and has a new render engine). However, despite a stream of patch releases, it’s not being developed at the point needed to keep up with Max, Maya, C4D, Houdini, Modo, and Blender.

It’s not even NewTek’s biggest revenue generator at this point, so it’s partially on life support with a few devs. assigned to keep it going.

(3dcgfx) #13

Not really there were a few demo demonstrating a hand rig, but I think it was a hand formed of 15 separate nurbsball sausage links. I remember mainly the rendering part of the book because at that point it was a struggle to render with any realism, so I wanted to see how they dealt with it. The cover is classic to me, I wish graphics capabilities hadnt accelerated so quickly. Nendo looks awesome, I have flashbacks of Bay Rait topology, I still love that chiselled look of low poly which is really almost a hindrance to me :smiley:



anyone who actually buys it at this point is just screwing themselves over, however

(thedaemon) #15

www.wings3d.com is a modern version of Nendo FYI! I started with Nendo and quickly found Wings3D. I still use it sometimes.

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Sorry to ask, I am not opposing, I am curious, Blender have very powerful modeling tool especially with all the add ons [I couldn’t bother to check through the add ons I use at this point], so what’s with Wings3D that you like that maybe we who are reading can also benefit from ?

(wellerankanto) #17

I miss the ease of modeling and rigging soft shapes in Hash, like people and flower vases and anything that had curves. The constraints were easier & quicker to apply to bones–fewer clicks, more obvious names. It’s been about 10 years since I used it last, maybe more. I’ve forgotten a lot about it.

(wolfie138) #18

I was a MIlkshape user for years, thought it was great until i discovered some of the more capable things then realised just how basic it was [at the time, anyways]. i tried Wings for a while, but my main tool was Hexagon.
i’d actually tried an early version of Blender, couldn’t get off on it at all, only came back to it many years later when it was under the new viewport type thing and far more user-friendly. it’s stunning how much Blender does and how much it does very well, and for free; i used to have a modeller and a UV Unwrapper etc all as different tool and it was a right pain of a workflow.

(<== Lost? Click Me) #19

Some of these apps are good for interchange if nothing else.

(Tea_Monster) #20

Way back in the 90’s I had a play with a lovely little program called Infini-D. It was great fun.

Back in the day, I think a lot of people had a try of Milkshape. Yes, even back then (2004 ish), I thought Blender was way more capable. But just think what people had to work with if they couldn’t afford Milkshape back in the late 90’s - Google ‘Quake Model Editor’ if you dare! Imagine animating a walk cycle with no bones, only moving the verts between frames. Joy joy joy!