Hasty Melons - A watermelon racing game

Hello everyone.

Since February I’m working on a new game, Hasty Melons, a racing game with watermelons.
It has power ups, traps and AI (yes smart watermelons). People playing it said it was like the unknown child of Mario Kart and Marble Madness.

I think a good chunk of the game has been made so far:

  • Single player gameplay
  • AI
  • Different maps and maps file format
  • Power ups
  • Traps
  • Checkpoints
  • Laps

You can access to cool power ups via crates available on the track:

The arrow: it does not kill you but it stays for a few seconds and is part of your body collision. It can be a really pain in the ass when you have to take narrow path or avoid corners.

The Wings: it allows you to infinite jump for a few seconds giving you a real big advantage. This powerup is one of my favorite and has been suggested by a person who played the game. I found the idea really good, especially since I wanted to find something that could help you avoid falling over :slight_smile:

The Wolf Trap: well, it’s a wolftrap, so if you roll on itm you will be crushed to death.

The “Everyone is a giant watermelon”: this powerup makes everyone a big fatty and juicy watermelon. Those affected are slowed down and can’t jump anymore until the spell wears off.

The Ghost: turns you into a ghost melon so you can go through knifes, wolf traps and other melons. However since you’re a ghost you can’t destroy crates anymore thus preventing you from having a power up during the spell.

Beware though, the environment is filled with traps:

  • Stomping gauntlets
  • Pendulum blades
  • Opening hatches

These last days I focused my efforts on getting enough things to show in a trailer for steam greenlight.
I also made a diorama and published it on sketchfab.

If enjoy the game idea, you can follow me on twitter (@minitrope) or on cartrdge.com, for more daily updates :slight_smile:

Looks very cool! I like the fixed camera and how you managed to illustrate players and terrain behind other objects!
Keep going :smiley:

Yeah looks like its fun to play. And you made a great progress since your last game. By the way rolling fruits seem to be the new trend in the BGE.

Thank you both for the kind words,

Yeah, for the see through effect, I had to play with z-depth of materials but it’s not working completely well. I will have to dig into shaders to have something cleaner.

Thanks for noticing the progress :slight_smile:
I, indeed, learnt a lot since my last game. I had a lot of fun with Blender and Krita sor far.

Hey everyone, I created a trailer for the game and submitted it on steam greenlight. Any vote would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I really like the idea for this, it’s fun!

One of the nice BGE games that is gone be finished soon. Cool!:slight_smile:

Voted up! Cool game.

Good Morning everyone!

Let's start this week with the latest things I added to Hasty Melons:
  • As requested by Steam Greenlight voters, I added more “melon gore”

  • Added a new block, a trampoline, opening the way to more complex and fun tracks

  • Started to work on cogs blocks

    Here is a quick video to show all that:

By the way, the game still need your vote on greenlight! :wink:

Hasty Melons has been Greenlit! Thanks for everyone who voted!

I’m still working on the game and recently started to take care of the progression system (a.k.a maps unlocking).
Here are an older video showing other things as well:

I post more regular stuff on twitter, so follow @minitrope!

Tons on progress has been made since the last time:

  • A lot of work on the menus to select tracks, to show score boards

  • Victory screen for the single player mode

  • Cleanup of the powerup code

And last but not least, Hasty Melons have now a local multiplayer mode :D. It has still some rough edges, but everything is in place right now and just some polishing is neded.

Take a look at this short devlog video to see how it runs:

Congrats on the Greenlight! This looks like a great project! Looking forward to the future. But why did the watermelons stop rolling in your latest devlog? It´s quite confusing…

Anyway, I can´t give you a lot of feedback, since I didn´t play your game, I don´t know if you do already, but have a lot of people test your game before release. You propably know this, so keep it up :smiley:

Edit: and don´t rush delivery. I´d rather play a polished game, 1 month later than an unpolished game right now.

Yes it is a regression which happened since I moved to UpBGE. I did not fix it yet because it wasn’t getting in the way. I have to check but I think it has to go with material’s friction value.

I will try thanks :yes:. I play tested the game during a few events but I will do more next month since I’m approaching the final line.

Yes it is a regression which happened since I moved to UpBGE. I did not fix it yet because it wasn’t getting in the way. I have to check but I think it has to go with material’s friction value.

An issue with physics settings stored in the material happen only between 0.1.1 and 0.1.2. These settings were set to 0, now the conversion is correct but for files opened in this period you have to reset the values.

The design is very nice :slight_smile: . Do you use parallax already? If not you could give it a try: I made 2 quick tutos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTWxBR_dPqNeSpV5TV_L3Og/videos?view=0&sort=dd&shelf_id=0 and if you need help you can ask on #upbgeusers ot #upbgecoders

I feel the urge to suggest the name “melomania” (a play on melonmania)!
Looks good, keep it up.
I’d suggest using a shader instead of z offset for the outline, so you can avoid the outline popping when you move behind cover.
You can look into using render-to-texture to do this (sdsgeoff suggested a method in the resources “render passes”)

WOW, pretty I like it it’s simple but looks very colorful and bright with a few game play twists…

Thanks you all for the support!

@tristan73: thanks for the insight!

@youle: I don’t use parallax but I took a look, it is quite interesting, I may try to use it :wink:

@agoose77: I don’t use a z offset but an overlay scene. Unfortunately I don’t know jack about shaders so I don’t know how I could partially render the watermelon.

Minitrope, you can use the renderToTexture function to render the normal scene once. Then, render the object in question by itself (or in your case, all melon objects) and extract only the alpha values. Then dilate those passes, using some logic, subtract the original from the dilated image and finally write that over the original… or something like that. I’ll take a look later.