Hatch or striped pattern

Excuse no avatar or background info as I only just registered. Searched for discussion on this question but did not find any.
Using Blender 2.53.
I would like to create a hatch or striped pattern that repeats across a face or object. Tried colour ramp material, but it offers no ability to control the result (stripe width etc.).
Texture colour ramp using a “Blend” texture gives control of scale and direction of stripe, but does not seem to repeat (ie a ramp with 3 “stripes”) will create 3 stripes on the face or object, but won’t repeat no matter what the scale of the object (or scale of the stripes). Any suggestions or links for answer?

What about the wood procedural?

there is also some plug in that can do stripes

but not in 2,5 yet i guess

but workign fine in 2.49


So far, only place I found for repeating (tiling) image is under F6 (Texture) buttons. So, you do need to load the image to be tiled. The buttons are under Map Image tab, Repeat. Than you can tell it to repeat how many times X and Y.


Wood proceedural is missing in 2.53, not sure it that is an oversight, but thought there may be a reason such as it is redundant, and found it very useful in the past.

sprry but go to the material repository i think you’ll find one like that

and wood is basic procedural texture and has never been missing in 2,5!

happy 2.5