Its just a begginging of a brand new scene, using lots of nodes and nomral maps
I think the title tells all
please comment

And critique :smiley:

A few things that could be done to improve the image.

1). Better egg-shell material, with the normal map not so strong it detracts from it.
2). Better lighting, use AO if possible
3). Use the knife tool and other tools to make the shell debris and crack pattern look less cubic.

Thanks Dragon uhm AO is on

Pretty Big Update :D[ATTACH]78899[/ATTACH]


Another Update
Another Update[ATTACH]78909[/ATTACH]

please commment this is a lot of hard work

great job on the pillars, the grass, lighting, and horizon are the weakest points at the moment; the horizon should be a lighter shade of blue to match the lighting and the grass seems to be very clumped together

Ok thank you stumpy I will try to improve the lighting and texture the horizon…i ll try to work on the grass but im not sure how to fix it honestly :frowning:
Also im trying to get a mix of darkness and light
Like the Hatched orb is the source of light and every thing aorund it is dark …but not so dark that you cant see the stuff
also im trying to get a winter snowy feel.

anyone know why my trees wont show up ? when they render

Nice egg :)! You’ve got me wanting to do a hatching dragon now lol.

Are your trees on a different layer? Because if the layer that the trees are on aren’t highlighted in the layers panel as well as the other layers you used, then the trees won’t render.

thanks :slight_smile: and yes therye on the smae layer

your pillars are looking good! i cant wait to see these trees your making. for the grass i have an excellent tutorial for grass http://www.blenderguru.com/the-secret-to-creating-realistic-grass/

Thanks Fish ive been looking for a tut like that for a while now…im looking for a nice winter textures for the tress or trying to make my own…every other texture here is mine:D

Hey guys heres one with my trees all normal mapped out :slight_smile: pleas critiuqe as always…i hope im getting that forest winterish feel now :slight_smile:
Of course i am aware there is a line where things become just well tacky when you adda bunch of things…please tell me if i reach this line…i dont wasnt to ctross it
Not done yet… still gonna do some tweaks
cant live without tweaks

i have a feeling there are to many trees…any comments ?

I get the feeling that the two rows of columns would indicate a cleared path and not expect trees along it. Though if it had been deserted for some time then growth along there would be expected as well as more decay on the pillars.

On the right, the pillar furthest away appears to have the bottom of the tree trunk in front of it but it goes up and behind the top part (or is going through the top). Is that intentional?

ill try to decay up the pillrs with som col and nor maps