Hate it Hate it HATE IT

I havent updated blender since 2.49…didnt notice there were newer versions til last week…I was all excited to see what new implements were introduced…WOW WAS I DISAPPOINTED!!! The new interface is completely confusing…A lot of the buttons or controllers have been moved somewhere else…I cant even find the game options…and when I load one of my games I’ve been working on…half of them dont work correctly…and now I have to be admin to run it? The whole reason I enjoyed working with blender was it was simple…straight forward and made sence…now It reminds me of 3d studio or maya. It was perfect the way it was…yes I know there were some bugs to work out but WOW…in my opinion a step backwards not forwards. I’m sticking with 2.49…

Maybe you’re just doing it wrong.

The new interface was designed to simplify Blender, not complicate it, and IMHO, the developers exceeded expectations. No longer are buttons organized in random patterns across the properties windows! Everything has a place, and with a bit of adjustment, it isn’t hard to find things. As for being an administrator to run Blender 2.5, I’m pretty sure that isn’t a requirement.

It was perfect the way it was

Thats the biggest lie I’ve ever heard

Luddites are hilarious.

If you look on the back of the box there is a number to call to get your money back.

rexscuz, I felt the same way at first. I’m kind’o getting middle-aged old and getting set in my ways a little faster than I used to so it seams that I instinctively gripe and moan every time something is changed now a’ days before I give it a chance.

I quickly grew to enjoy Blender2.57, and I learned some things I never knew along the way. I’m sure you will too.
Here are some tutorials that will help ease you into it, and they are fun to watch too, (many of these deal with the new blender2.57 now);

There are others but these will get you started fairly quickly.
Happy Blending :slight_smile:

I tried going back to 2.49 recently for some animation thing or other. I’m glad I’ve almost totally forgotten how to use that horrid interface. Never again.

It’s worth learning the 2.5 interface. Really.

OP how long have you tried working with 2.5? im having trouble because i know ill need the updates soon and im still “learning” 2.49 so its exceedingly difficult for me to relearn everything an entirely different way, especially with the clunky and unresponsive UI but iv heard that once you learn the fundamental changes, it becomes much easier to use. maybe we can help eachother get better and maybe work on some joint projects as practice or something. How are you at texturing?

Another one of these UI threads that almost needs to be closed before it goes any further.