Hate list results!

Here is how it breaks down according to you guys!

Iamgrandpaboy 1stplace! ( i will build you your blended shrine)

Yaya second palce (Kicks yay in the pants)

fried third place Pat on the back (Kick me sign)

dickie fourth, Pat on the back (pants me sign)

and a surprise

rixtrr last. Sorry buddy… maYbe next quarter.


thats it for this quarter…thank you for all voting! oh, and get blendeding, cause maybe next time there are going to be some real prizes…

Well, i hate all of you, so see you later! :x

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hey dude, chill
didnt you read the previous post about hate list?

this is a semi real contest.

4 times a year, a list of 5 top belnderers is put up, and the community votes on who was the best (most worth being jealous of)
the prize this time is i am goign to build s hrine for them to go in blender ville.

next time there may be an actual prize to award those who have distinguished themselves.

Its a little cult contest.
chill brother!

Guess i havn’t been here long enough.

But I still don’t get it.

****! Dickie’s in FOURTH?! With the “swift kick in the bum” for second place, dickie should have gotten that for always making nudity on a site where there are minors (namely me)!

(Does this sound familiar, dickie? MEEHAHAHAHA! If not, here’s a hint: “Don’t go into a hospital, you might see a naked baby.”)

okay… .jsut felt like psoting the resuilts.

Iamgradpaboy, your shrine is nearig completion!