Hate, misinformation, hackers and threatening

He has answered variations of these “observations” plenty of times already. I don’t see the point in responding here yet again. I agree with Bernardo that there’s been some misunderstandings and although I see why a person might want to discuss this in public, I can’t see that ending well. People will snipe at him the same as always. As it’s obvious Biblubi has some bad feelings from past experience, I can’t see this atmosphere helping at all. It’s going to just create more bad feelings. I hope the discussion goes private, especially when it seems that both parties seem to acknowledge a miscommunication and both seem to want to resolve the issue.


I know 100 dollars is a lot, I often thought twice in the past before goind to eat for more than 3€. I offer 70% off for students and the sales make it at 50 dollars. My point is that someone who does rendering can already afford a full computer with a relatively good graphic card and in this case, E-Cycles is more affordable than Blender + a faster card to get equivalent render speed.

  1. I’m allowed like the Cycles4D guys, like Rhino, like Poser, etc. to make all my work closed source and offer my work to all but the Blender community. I would then have 100% security that the code will stay closed and maybe (certainly) be able to sell it more. In those communities, paying 700€ for a perpetual license for a renderer is normal.
  2. I’m very happy with the community as a whole, I’m speaking of a small portion doing a lot of things, some of which are illegal.
  3. You have made a cool things and you offer it for free to everyone? You spend most of your day offering support and updates for it and you don’t want a single cent for that? Where is your work? Please show. Even if you can afford to work for free because you have enough money to pay everyhting from your private capital, not everybody has enough money to afford that, so you are nobody to judge other.
  4. I suggest all the people like you to live by there word and not ask any money for anything they do and to work hard to offer everyone quality software for free with support, documentation, regular updates, etc.

For now maybe but rest assure that soon crowdfunding will be a driving force for Blender since many artists are switching to Blender and they will ask for the features they are used to in the main 3D apps.

As a newbie, this is the first I’ve ever heard of eCycles. Looks really nice - I’m not really in a spot where I can buy it yet but it’s on my wishlist on Blender Market now.

I read a little bit about what you’re talking about and I’m sorry that things seem to have fallen out with your fellow developers. I can’t even imagine how much thought and time and expertise it would take to make something like eCycles, but it’s always rough when your contributions aren’t appreciated with recognition or with financial compensation. I wish you the best.


Ah. I expected this whole e-cycles thing to end up this way from the moment it was announced. Release your code, or don’t. Immediately, or after a year, or whenever. But trying to put terms and conditions on it is not how the FOSS world works.


In my mind this is like:

“WHY? Why don’t you want MY gift??”

(Ton) “The police is coming!”

“But why?? I created it for you, Ton. Why don’t you want THE GIFT??”

(Ton) " Please, untie me! Don’t hurt anyone! Heelp!!"

“You don’t understand. Brecht doesn’t understand. You fools have no idea how high I can fly. You don’t deserve THE GIFT". You humans are not ready”.

Just a joke :wink:
I really hope you can work out any misunderstanding.

  1. If you were hacked call the police!

  2. Your 100$ product doesn’t benefit “poor people”. Free Blender does!
    If I render something on my computer at home I personally don’t mind waiting, but I certainly wouldn’t buy a product for 100$ to render 2x faster.
    If I get a project that requires a good amount of rendering I will charge that time to the client, than buy a new computer, GPU or pay for render farm OR what I normally do…use a Sheepit render farm for free and pay them back with my processing power when I don’t have anything to do.

  3. Insinuating that your work is important and that we (BF and the community) can’t go without you is stupid. What we really need is Blender as it is. (Thanks to Ton R. and the devs!) Yur product is as good as someone is willing to pay for it. If the product doesn’t generate enough money there is something wrong with the product or marketing behind it. So rethink your strategy.

Please don’t come here and attack BF or the community. You are just digging a hole for yourself.

I have seen a fair share of UBER-EGO driven people that thought they know better than BF and the entire community. And they make me vomit!

And yeah my real name is Andrew. Andrew Gregori :wink:


Then you misunderstand what happened. If I was putting conditions like that, I would indeed be a bad person and not understanding the FOSS community. But the fact is that E-Cycles could already be in 2.80 and with access to source from day. Without any conditions other than getting paid like all other BF developers.

So if you can certify the BF wouldn’t serve a different version of the code when the request come from my IP adress, nor that any other channel (blender.org, blenderartists.org, etc.) served a different content to my adress. Then it means someone could intercept https data exchange without being noticed and/or prepare specially crafted .blends in a bug report to infect my test and communication system.
That level of sofistication plus the recent attempt to make E-Cycles and Blender look bad with newly created accounts would hint to the BF and E-Cycles getting attention from big players with very good connections. I have no proof and I’m usually not for theories, but now that the BF started to kindly discuss with me for cooperation, the current situation reminds me of the following scene. Me and the BF being the 2 small fish, I hope it transport the feeling good. Funny enough, this scene also start with 2 people having difficulties to understand and trust each other.

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  1. lol, did you already try that?
  2. well, that’s not the point of view of many of my users.
  3. were did I insinuate that? E-cycles is generating enough money, I’m happy with it. We are speaking of what and how to better do in the future.

Where did I attack the BF. I put some my version because a lot of people allow themselves to spread informations. But I see you are very angry. I hope vomiting will help you feel better.

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Well is that what Ton is saying for real or at least inspirded from real talks from him? If then, I’m happy to let him in peace.

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To my mind you’ve already been paid by your users who purchased your fork with the understanding that it would be made public a year hence. So publish only the code that was written a year ago. If that’s what you sold, then that’s what you should do.

Regarding work for the BF, I’m not sure they’ll want to hire you after this bit of drama.


You are reordering facts, at the time I proposed to work for the BF, E-Cycles patches were not even written!

So you don’t want to work for the BF. That’s fine as well. What’s the problem then?

Actually the thing is I personnaly have no problem. I came to Brecht this year to discuss the best way to cooperate. I’m happy also if the BF says I suck and they don’t want E-cycles in. My problem is to get pressure, misinformation in my thread, personal attacks, etc.

The BF can’t do anything about that, you know. People are free to say what they like. If you’re getting credible threats, or you’ve been hacked, you should go to the police.

Doing anything publicly is likely to get you both friends and enemies. Such is life.

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In order to get an official response from the Blender Foundation, you need to contact them directly. While I appreciate that you need to get this off your chest, it won’t help you resolve this situation.

You can find more information here:



To be honest, from what I read here (Brecht’s replies) it looks that is misinformation… they seem to have responded in a very diplomatic and cooperative way, instead of saying that you suck (did that happen in a private exchange?) and you seem to be taking to heart the fact that it’s not entirely possible to make this all work the way you hoped (which I understand, but does it justify making such a drama).


what are you suggesting? some of your posts are a bit hard to follow. maybe it’s a language thing?

that the blender foundation served malicous code to your IP address to steal your code? that sounds a bit… hmmm… :slight_smile:

i also hope the misunderstandings can be resolved. :slight_smile: