Hate the Apple iPad? Here's some comic relief (Hint: it gets folded in half)

First smashed against a surface so it will fit in the blender.

Despite not including the backing it was a pleasure to watch, that’s what Apple gets for not having Flash support on the device:spin:

Hehe, at least that Blender can multi-task

I wouldn’t say hate… just don’t buy one.

Again with the flash support :no:. My friend has an android and when he tried to play any flash game, it lagged as hell (1-2 fps) and chew up his battery time.
Adobe killed flash.
Just play ‘Bloons 4’ and tell me in what level it lags?

Had to laugh the other day, a guy at work showed me a video of someone doing an over enthusiastic review of the iPad… first comment underneath it was “You’re video doesn’t play on the iPad”

I wouldn’t say hate… just don’t buy one.

I agree. It was okay the month it was announced, but now this hate is rather irrational.

I don’t think it the iPad per se that people hate, I think it’s more Apple trying to do the whole Microsoft monopoly thing. Funny how people scream blue murder when MS do it, but when apple trys it and people complain all the Apple people are like ‘leave britney (oops apple) alone!!!’

That’s why it is not advisable to buy first gens of Apple products. Hopefully, the next gen of Apple Ipad will be better than the first one.

point with apple is that they innovate and MS badly copies.
ever saw MS getting design awards?

flash is a cpu eater, html 5 a better concept. I testes many other android apps.
From websites not render-able, to flash being slow, to GPS being totally wrong
I cannot say they are that much better.

I at least like a company which tries to push better and open standards than a company
just pushing their own product for media domination

If the iPad would be so bad and iPhone so terrible why do they lead ???

Flash games work pretty nicely on my Nokia n810 considering the hardware and OS. It’s not a phone but it still means there’s no damn excuse

I thought that one of the reaons there isn’t a flash app for ipod/iphone/ipad is that apple doesn’t allow just in time compiling, or code thats entered on the ip* to be run. EG, this is why there’s no python, basic, etc, like graphics calculators can do.

excuse here or there.
you miss the point - like most who want Flash or claim they cannot live without it.

You need to understand what the iPad is for, which target group it addresses.
Why don’t you want flash for the Kindle?

Again the iPad is NOT a laptop. It is made for a specific market and for that it also
sells as expected.

Apple yes they seal their products. But at least they can prevent or pull bad software
from a phone. And android phones already have fake online banking apps Google doesnt
do anything about it.

I rather have for the iPad or iPhone programmed games than playing some flash based games
anyway. No wonder the iPod is replacing the Nintendo DS in Europe more and more.

No other game cell phone was able to sell, Nokia failed, as others.
Again the iPhone here is setting land marks.

It’s not about Apple or MS to me. Fanboyism is for 12 yr olds. It’s should be about technology and how it is used effectively, efficiently and practically. Now, what do I really need, for example? I need something that is portable in every sense of the word. It has to be light, it doesn’t warm up, and the battery lasts at least a week or two. Plus it has to have a full-blown OS where you could run your existing apps, like, MOI, for instance, sketching apps or anything similar, not to mention casual everyday apps such as typing, reading books, browsing the news, communicating, etc.

The technology is already there, or it’s in the commercial stages of development. Think about e-ink that powers Kindles, Sony readers and similar hand-held devices. Think about netbooks powered by atom processors. Soon e-ink technology would come up with color e-paper. In fact a Dutch company came up with something more efficient called Liquivista.

“When used in sunlight, the new type of display can bounce the natural light through the oil filters back at the reader.The brighter the sunshine, the more vivid the screen becomes; when used in a darker environment, the e-reader switches to the backlight automatically.” – BBC.

Bottom line? No need to hurry to get one of these iPads. They’re not as useful at this stage.

“Pretty nicely”??? What games if I may ask. My dual core 2.26 GHz is struggling with more of half the flash games. So forgive me if I don’t believe you. While the same game on iPhone or ipod touch that costs 1 $ works perfect.

What? My ancient thlon 3200+ has never EVER had trouble running any flash application ever. Silky smooth framerates, always.

I haven’t really played much with flash recently… but when adobe bought them, well it just kinda reminds me of when autodesk or microsoft buys stuff. In the end, once good software becomes bloated and unusable… :frowning:

But what do you do with the iPad? I don’t understand who needs one

Neither do I, like it says on the wiki, it bridges the gap between smartphones and laptops.
Whats the point in that???

If you want the features of a smartphone, buy a smartphone, if you want the features of a laptop, buy a laptop.

An Ipad is just a larger version of a smartphone right? But as it says on the wiki, its slower than an Iphone. Can you even make calls on it? Could you imagine making calls on it? :confused:
So its just a large, slowed down, laptop non-working-phone?

It just seems like Apple have hyped it up to suck in all the fanboys. Idk…

Well I just played for about a half hour and ‘Bloons 4’ isn’t much of a challenge for it if that’s what you’re asking. I also ran it on a single core 1.6ghz netbook and it was super smooth.