Hatim:The Powers of Stones©>need organic modeler> see page 60 for CA

Hi Everyone,

The game started with learning purpose, with no story at the beginning till the time no story was designed. But now i have made the story on my own and therefore COPYRIGHTED the story of the game against my name(Anurag Vohra). So anyone who wanna steal my story and concepts is free to steal as per his wish , but remember if u dared to do so i would screw u in the court.:evilgrin:

Therefore every material (story and concept [= concept art + concept of the story ]) produce by me are copyrighted and cannot be reused for any purpose and in any form without my permission. :slight_smile:

The story is published on my google docs account.

The tital of my story is,

" HATIM: The Powers of Stones " copyright © 2010 Anurag Vohra

This project is for learn and share. Sharing means >sharing of BGE techniques only and NOT the Sharing of concept and story.

Do not try to copy Story and my concept.

But all ur contribution [ for understanding what i mean by “ur contribution” read the next line] belongs to u.

“ur contribution”:- any new contribution which i have not mentioned in this game project or in the story (" HATIM: The Powers of Stones " copyright © 2010 Anurag Vohra) or in the concept which was then added to the game after ur suggestion belongs to u, and is called “ur contribution”. And u can use ur contribution them the way u like, only u have to mention the reference to this game project.

My concept art and model if remodeled or modified and then contributed to the game can not be used .

Copyright covers only the concept and story line of the game suggested by me. So don’t try and copy that.

Just check out the visual of the game project we are working on. Scroll down completely to see all the visuals
We need a lot of team members for finishing the project
we require:

Character modeller (Modeller and texture artist)
Animator (Rigging artist)
Programmer (GLSL + BGE + more as per requirement)


Earlier we required story writer, But finally me myself composed the story.
We are more focusing on 3d modeling in initial phase so need 3d artsit presently.

well if any one find interesting can join.
One who wish to join please inform me personally either by messaging on Blender artist or at my email address [email protected]



This is Aonegamer,
and have started a new game project. The primary motive behind this game project is to learn many(of course not all) of the blender game engine concept. Ths project would start making a game from scratch to a piece of wonder(that is little far).
So as I said this project is for learning and no way for commercialization. What I requires from your end is:

  1. All resource for game making.
  2. Your applaud(to get motivated)
  3. Your critics (to improve our skills)

Resource for game making can be generalized as per the project as:

  1. Concept artist: there role is to put the concept for the game. Concept like game character, level designer etc…
  2. Character Modeler
    3.Texture artist
  3. Animators
    5.Logic designer and python scriptor
    6.GLSL programmer
  4. Physics maintainer
  5. Others: if any further help can be provided.

So if you have any of this quality or wanna improve any of them please feel free to join us. We all a group of noob. Of course pro are also invited as without there guidance the aim would be little harder to achieve.

Every concept that would be finally included in the game would be done with the help of polls taken on the blog.
Our blog name is repeated here please visit us at:

Presently we need at least 3+ member to continue the project although there is no limit for the no of memebers. All are invited as the main aim of the project is to share, gain and enhance your and our knowledge.

Personally me myself is too a noob. My skills can be judged from the concept i have laid. U can judge me from the image below. To download the model use link:


Awiating for your response.


HI Guys

The level design have been done. I mean Concept art have been laid only coloring the concept art is left (would be doing soon)
Anyone finding the project intresting can join. Just say me ur skills and i would be assigning you the job required to finish this project.

Meanwhile check the attachment:

And ha one thing this is just just skecth layout dont expect a professional finish to this, but u can expect from the final product.


some more screen shot


Check this out


Only three pics per post so have to create this post


well, i have a dilemma, i just started college and classes are starting in a couple days. So it will be pretty busy. But how about you give me a list of things that need to be modeled (not characters) and if i find time i will try to get them modeled. No promises however. Plus i don’t do good texturing…sooo…
just PM me.

please try modelling the above concept art

More screen shots


Here is the screen shot for high poly model i am modelling

Presently no one showed +ve responce to the project, but dat dont stop me i have to keep goin for learning


High Poly model finished
(although i am still not satisfied, but have to manage as I am short with RAM to handel further vertices)
Guys and girls please join I want active members, no matter you are a noob or pro , we would learn all thing we know. All I want is your interest in learning hte gaming concept with me. As when you work in a team you are reinforced. You feel you are not alone and you find an aim to learn.
Awaiting response.


new villain concept art.
I framed this while i was free from modelling my High poly model.
Someone who find the project interesting can try modelling this.


Low poly model finished
Next thing would be texturing


Texturing completed Version V1.0 released for hero
Use below link to download the .blend file.



He looks fantastic, I don’t know why I didn’t see this thread before. I guess I don’t visit team projects often enough.

I love the concept for that second creature, it looks really professional, and your hero looks even better, probably one of the best models I’ve seen :slight_smile: The only thing I thought that needed improvement was that the fingers are a bit thin but that might just be me. I was going to comment that the topology might be a problem as you used tris but I guess you decimated from a good mesh and it seems to deform properly and is well weight-painted. Keep going! :slight_smile:

PS. I don’t know if you knew you didn’t pack the textures, or if you’re just keeping them safe, but they aren’t packed

oops sorry I would pack texture again
and thanx for your comment

Hi everyone here is the fully textured model for hero for allong with all texture packed
have a check

Hi anyone who is following

“My Graphic card burned so would be pending my contribution for 4 days”

Anyone who is continuing can proceed the project for this days

It looks good, but it won’t downloand (at least for me). I go on the page and click download and it says “google can’t scan the file for virus, continue anyway” then I click yes and nothing happens… Maybe upload it somwhere else

This game looks pretty cool ive been wanting to make a game with something like your hero above in a persia theme but i want to get better b4 i start my own game. im not very good at model but i can model some small stuff. im still trying to figure out how to texture so… i can do some logic bricks but im not a very good animator. ill do what i can but im only 14 so im still learning alot.