Hating Hurricanes

I’m starting to get sick of this be ready for a hurricane every weekend thing. Time to hole up again. I guess I’ll have to hit the PS2 or make some of mine own hurricane graphics until…the…power…goes…out.

I should be somewhat happy, though. But it really sucks for my friends in Fort Pierce and Stuart, who look like they’ll get the worst of it again.

Have a great one and good luck to my fellow Floridians. Hopefully I lost all the weak trees during Frances, we had three huge ones go down in the back yard. Of course my friend in Stuart opened his door to check the storm out, and his door flew right off and away it went. Then he had 100 mile winds ripping through the house.


yeah i’m from alabama and we lost a few trees at our house, not very bad compared to what y’all have been getting. Oh and the worst news… THE FLORA-BAMA IS COMPLETELY GONE!!! :frowning:

global warming - stop using cars plant trees and save the forests.

burn palistinians for fuel, they are a renewable resource and a pest.

:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
(Just kidding of course Aner)

i actually agree, global warming is only going to make the hurricanes bigger every year, untill eventually we will be forced to do somthing about our behaviour, it won’t be an option to ignore it, it will be a necesity.


Yeah, the last results are always hitting The Netherlands in afther summer or winter. We have strong zee winds then.

Anyways Global warming is bullshit, already thousands of years the earth is becomming warmer then colder and warmer. The global warming we met now was the same before the Iceage started. On Discovery they told the earth warms up and up then cools down a little, then warms up again (We live in that part) and finnally when it’s hot, it cools very fast down and another Iceage should start again. This takes each time 10.000 years or 50.000 years. Ofcourse the cars and such can make this worser, but that’s just 1% of all. It’s more the bad rain that damage’s the forests and all and the atmosphere that’s breaking into parts. Anyways saying it’s the cars and such is the cheapest story you can tell to avoid researching :stuck_out_tongue:

and why does no one consider volcanoes? and oceanic bacteria?

they put out as much pollutants, sulfur, CO2 as anything else.

hurricanes are horrible, but at least not our fault.

and Ohio is nicely just out of the way, protected by a strong high pressure zone.

global warming is what we are helping to accelerate, we use cars we have pollution belching factories, people set forest fires. What we need to do is find cleaner ways to produce things and electricity and research cars that run on Hydrogen :wink:

burn palistinians for fuel, they are a renewable resource and a pest.


too explosive! :stuck_out_tongue:

you could always plug them into the matrix. 7 virgins and stuff so they think that they blew themselves up. making zero victims.

this is horrific guys. I’m deeply saddened.

sorry. the idea of putting palestinians in a furnace brings up weird ideas.