Hats and Canes (free models)

i was really bored the other day, so i started practicing blender modeling. I made a nice magicians hat, and wand.

anyway i kept going and decided i could give these to people still learning to model in blender, one object is on each layer. enjoy.

this is all of it



i mean… wouldn’t it be harder for someone new to blender to import those than making them from scratch? :confused:

i don’t think so.

heck, i was just bored. i had an idea and went with it.
anything wrong with that?

nope :wink:

Just sayin: put a little more heart in your projects before contributing.
Doing so out of boredom doesn’t do the community nor yourself a favor.

peace n out :cool:

alright i get it, it seemed like a good idea at the time. and it’s not the most useless thing on the forum.