Hats Off: @neb - Dresser project/room [RECREATION]

Its a really basic shader. Nothing special. I think the secret and the magic for that is the high geometry (checker extruded faces) + Subsurface parameter in the shader. Be very carefull. Use very low changes in the Subsurface parameter number.

I would love to know how did you do to get that so clear cristaline glass in the cup and in the bottle (shader and light). Thanks!


Hey! @neb, do you think you could help with this?:

Sorry didn’t have time. Here we go grab a whole scene :slight_smile: Link : https://we.tl/t-87Tap98W0J

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Oh! Thank you so much. I will take a deep look into it.

First thing I checked is the glass shader and it is suprising for me.

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How did you do glass shader?

This is my glass shader. I almost always get glass headaches in my scenes. :frowning:

But I think that my problem is with the lights to get a clear glass as yours.

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Thanks. Out of curiosity I made comparison with your node set up and mine. Everything in the scene is the same just the nodes. I am surprised simple principle BSDF for glass in this occasion is effective.



Yes, as far as I know, Glass BSDF is exact the same as Principled BSDF with Transmission set to 1.

Im very surprised too with the complexity of some aparently simple procedural materials as metals.

I also found quiet a visible difference. ( principle BSDF) Especially where the glass neck fusses into bowl. Some nice light refraction going on there. Well defined glass properties.

I also find reflections to be more refined to my taste :slight_smile: