Hats Off: @rashomon - Sunday Morning - ArchViz [RECREATION]

Hats Off is intended to be (I hope) a serie of posts where I will try to recreate other artists scenes I have seen in this forum that have caught my attention. They could include small variations and a personal touch. I do this as exercises to improve my Blender skills.

Before posting I always contact the original artist asking for consent to do this.

All of them will include:

  • A clear title with the original author and the name of the original scene
  • The name of the artist
  • A link to his/her scene in this forum
  • The images of what I have been able to recreate
  • Some comments about the problems and thoughts I have found in my try

Author: rashomon
Scene: Sunday Morning - ArchViz

Here is my recreation (2 versions):

Some details I would like to comment:

  • Again in this exercise, environment is my fault, cause I havent been able to recreate the original one. However Im not unhappy with my result.
  • Cushions on the sofa are the worse thing in the scene I think. Tried to sculpt them, model them … but no luck. Rusult is horrible.
  • I have learn a little bit about particle systems to generate the plants with leafs.
  • The only library item is the bowl with fruits on the table.

This is the third chapter.
First one is here: Hats Off: @Swirlyking - A blender in Blender [RECREATION]
Second one is here: Hats Off: @rioreo - House_Hic [RECREATION]

Hope you like the idea behind “ Hats off ”.

All comments and critics are welcome.


Well done :+1:
I’m honored to be an inspiration! :slight_smile:

As far as environment goes, try to put some objects behind the camera to give you some shadows.
You don’t even have to put material on them.
And for the cushions, I used cloth stitching and then I sculpt them a bit.

Happy blending!

Thank you so much for the feedback.

I added a new version of the image, with minor changes, but I think it is more suggestive.

@dogdayfear nice work !

carreful with your borders tho :slight_smile:

Do you refer to Scatter Limits?

Yup :slight_smile:

you can tweak the vertex groups to avoid such problem.
did you paint ? use a curve ? or the path and grass material is two different objects ?

Path and grass are different objects. I painted the grass plane, wich has high geometry, but I have problems with that.

Some red areas that should not have scattered objects have some.

Clipping camera option is applied too.

Sometimes weight painting in blender is too delicate, and some really small area have maybe 0.1% of weight left

Is there any other way than weight painting?

The easy solution for cushions is physics. There is a tutorial on YouTube that explains the process, I’ll try to find out for you.
Here is the link

Thank you so much. I will try it and see what happens…