Hatsune Miku [currently : battle for the meta-rig]

Hey everyone!

So, that’s been like 2 years since my last post… I haven’t used blender much since…

Anyways, I feel like making a model of the Character/Japanese artificial human voice Hatsune Miku (If you need more explanations I suggest you google about it. You might also want to watch one of the 90k youtube videos about her, especially nebula from tripshots).

The original design:


There are some models around but I’d like to make my own, using blender 2.54 beta.

Here are some advancement pics :

Mesh wires (body, shirt, boots, skirt):

Work on materials:
Shiny eyes
(using a “why does the specular go back to 1.000 when I try to set it to 3? Oh let’s hack that with the node editor” strategy)


(using a “why can’t I mix tangent and non-tangent shading in the same time? Oh let’s do that in the node editor” strategy)
(youtube shading test vid >here<)
From far it looks OK, but there are some annoying issues :
-The material which uses nodes does not cast shadows. Actually this material uses 2 other materials in the node setup : a tangent and non-tangent shaded material. The tangent shaded material is set as untraceable (or something like that) due to ugly self-casting artifacts. It seems that the whole thing is untraceable due to that.
-Some unexpected folds appear due to my crappy unwrapping

Some early renders (no thumbnail, too big?) :

1 -> 2 -> 3

(Please don’t pay much attention to the hair which has to be remade)

downscaled version of the 3rd one, for display:



supposedly done: body, eyes, skirt
in progress: sleeveless shirt (missing details)
to do: correct haircut, headphones, those things she wears on her arms, necktie

supposedly done: eyes, hair (the strand material, at least…)
in progress: shirt (shadow bug / bad unwrapping), skirt
to do: skin?, everything that’s not modelled yet.

prepare for animation:
to do: plenty…

looks like a doll :slight_smile: great work !


Some progress:
-new hair
-added sleeves
-added headphones & those weird hair accessories
-revised head a lot, there’s a mouth now, that’s useful to sing:)
-put some textures
-used some shrinkwrap&solidify modifiers for cloth
-changes in colors, materials…


supposedly done: body, eyes, skirt, sleeveless shirt, “sleeves”, headphones, hair accessories
in progress: correct haircut
to do: microphone (on headphone), necktie

supposedly done: eyes, zero-one tattoo, hair
in progress: shirt (shadow bug / bad unwrapping), skirt, better headphone materials
to do: skin?, texture for sleeves, everything that’s not modelled yet.

prepare for animation:
to do: plenty…


Hey Tom, I’m glad I found your thread. Your model looks really nice so far.
I was also planning to work on Miku, I love this character.

How challenging do you find her to model ?

piiichan: Thanks for your interest! Well, according to my files’ dates I’ve worked on her 13 days (full or not)…
But, it’s due to me being slow AND wasting time on experimenting stuff, including simulations (I’ll show some when it looks like something) that take long time (like, launch the sim, wait 20 min/1hour/1night, come back and see that’s just wrong, change parameters and run a new sim… It’s horrible). So it’s got nothing to do with the model being Hatsune Miku. She is just as challenging to model as any humanoid model.

Well, animation-wise, the skirt and the long hair bunches bring extra difficulties, compared to other characters.

So I guess, if you’re not too ambitious, have experience and know what you want, you could get a nice rigged blend in a weekend… But it’s not my way.

And now… update!

-added mic on headphone
-added necktie
-changed lots of stuff everywhere…
-tried some sims (I can get something not too buggy now but I think I need to wait the night to launch a sim without losing a lot of usable time…)
-tried some compositing

I thought I was finally done with the modelling itself (ie the mesh) but I forgot to do the inside of the mouth (teeth/tongue, needed if I want to do some lipsync anim later)…

Here 2 renders:

I like this postprocessing setting:


supposedly done: body, eyes, skirt, sleeveless shirt, “sleeves”, headphones + microphone, hair accessories, necktie
to do: teeth, tongue

supposedly done: eyes, zero-one tattoo, hair, headphones
in progress: shirt (shadow bug / bad unwrapping), skirt
to do: texture for sleeves, boots texture (patterns on the sides)

prepare for animation:
in progress: skirt/shirt/necktie cloth sim tests, hair sim tests
to do: rig,…


So it took like 11 hours to render that…

So this is a test of the different sims run on the model : cloth (skirt, shirt, necktie), and hair, with some wind. So far I managed to remove most sim-related bugs, there is still the skirt that crosses her right leg at some point. Well, I think I can fix it without problem.

My main concern is those weird bugs that appear at render only for one frame and disappear. I see nothing in blender’s preview.

blender preview (opengl quick render):

rendered :

The way her legs move inward past the knee gives her the impression that she’s bow-legged. Otherwise, it’s not bad.

Thanks! Well, for the pose there was no rigging yet.

Some update,

The modelling is pretty much done, still lacks some details though.

here, a funny compositing test:

The main progress is after running in circles for a while I somehow started to understand how to use the meta-rig (use = get it to work, nothing more)… It’s quite simple actually, I feel stupid.

A render. There is a bug on the shoulder. The culprit, aka the “Even thickness” checkbox in the solidity modifier, was found and sentenced to death penalty. (=unchecked)

I have tried to make a walkcycle. Then, bake the 5 simulations in the right order… I managed to get rid of some bugs but the sim settings still need adjustments. I guess the walkcycle anim also needs improvements but I’m quite a newbie in this field…

>>>WALKCYCLE VIDEO<<< (omg 32 frames) (blame youtube for the freezing)