Hatsune Miku fanart

I just hit 2 years since I started using Blender. For my anniversary project, I made some Hatsune Miku fan art.

I used MakeHuman for the base body, Marvelous Designer for clothing and cloth sim, Substance Painter and Adobe Illustrator for textures. Everything else in Blender. Rendered with Cycles and Freestyle.

There’s more pictures and info on my blog.

This is cover art for a new Vocaloid song by Root Node, which you can listen to here.

Questions and comments appreciated!

hey, how did you get the “drawing” effect in cycles? i noticed around the face area, and the hair, it looks like its been made with blender internal, but i only know how to use cycles and this looks great.

also, IMPRESSIVE for only 2 years!
i’ve also been using blender for 2 years and would not been able to get anthing close to this yet.

Thank you! The edge lining is from Freestyle. Freestyle was originally only in Blender Internal, but was added to Cycles a few releases ago. You can turn it on under Render Layers.

I can’t bring myself to like her face - she looks strage to me with this “reality proportions” approach. Maybe I’m just not used to seing Miku like this, and maybe changing hair to particle-based would be better in this particular case.
On the other hand I like the environment and composition in general.

Really nice work Oscalon!

Nice job on the render!

Thanks. This was a criticism I was expecting, as it pretty much always comes up when people do Miku artwork outside regular anime style. The style has very much defined the character. Deciding what style of face to use was probably the biggest decision I had to make for this whole project. I chose to go with more Final Fantasy style proportions. And since the version of Miku actually made by the Final Fantasy guys got this reaction as well, I’m really not surprised :slight_smile:

I chose to go this route for several reasons. First, I wanted the practice working with more realistic faces, as this will help me with a wider variety of characters (this project involved an obnoxious amount of face sculpting, which I am not good at and needed the practice.) Second, I wanted my face to have a wider range of possible expressions. I wanted to be able to use this model for multiple pieces of art. Regular female anime faces have a fairly limited expression set, and often have to be exaggerated to convey emotion, which limits nuance. Third, anime style faces waste the potential of Cycles shader detail. They are a still designed to minimize detail so that they can be drawn quickly and efficiently for multiple frames of animation. But in 3D and with Cycles, there’s no reason to do that.

There is also some precedent for this style in Miku art. Most notably, the Miku Append box art.

I would have liked to use particle hair, but again couldn’t. Particle hair and freestyle are not compatible, so using particles would have meant no edge lining in the hair (freestyle just draws lines down every particle strand, or none at all.) That would have broken the style. They are also much higher detail, and would not have fit with the shading style of the rest of the scene. It’s a shame, because working with complex mesh hair like those twin tails is maddening, especially to rig. Particle hair is much more artistically friendly to work with, especially since the Gooseberry updates. Having a way to get Freestyle working with particle hair in an artistically satisfying way is one of my dreams.

Thanks for detailed response, Oscalon, and for the links. I see you had your reasons, and when I showed your artwork to some people who never seen anime-styled Miku they all liked it. So that’s just me and the things I’m used to :slight_smile:
Just to be on the same page – I like Final Fantasy style, and I like anime-styled Miku. What’s throwing me off is most likely a combination of the two: realistic face with toon shading, realistic head shape with mesh hair, realistic body proportions with freestyle edges. I’m sure I’d have liked pure FF-styled Miku better, that’s what I wanted to convey. Cheers!

Thanks for the response, and thanks for showing it to other people. Just to be clear, I don’t really disagree with you, and understand where you’re coming from. :slight_smile: This is the price I pay for wanting to experiment with mixed styles. But new things gotta be tried!

Here’s a better angle on the prop assets I used in the scene. Lots of glass, emitters, and compositor glow. They keyboard is the classic Yamaha Dx7, but with a few things changed so that it’s not an exact recreation.