Hatsune Miku?

Hi, I’m kinda new to Blender and this site so I hope this is not the wrong place to post this. I am totally in love with Hatsune Miku from the VOCALOID series. I really want to make a Hatsune Miku model in Blender but have no idea how to. If I look through tutorials on how to model a person, it may take me a really, really long time to figure out how to make Miku and there are no tutorials on how to make her. So I was wondering if anyone here could make a tutorial on how to make Hatsune Miku?

Why no? Google a bit…And you can catch a pdf tutorial on page 8 too btw.

I’ve tried googling it but it just comes up with animation tests and some downloads for an already made Miku model. But I don’t want to watch animations or download an already made model, I want to make my own Hatsune Miku model.

There is a free Miku model floating around that was made in blender if you are interested.

Modeling something isn’t as easy as just following a tutorial,you will need to learn for at least a few months before you can start with the basics of character modeling.

What i googled in previous post does not include videos or animation; instead there is making one of and plenty of material to start yours.
While you read the tutorial make remarks of what you do not know and look for more on that subject. Start out rough, get known with blender, then go detail. Humanoid model might be too complicated to start with but you never know. Just start.
Will have a problem - post questions in appropriate forum part, do not forget to add images or file to describe better.

There aren’t going to be tutorials out there for everything you ever want to make. Tutorials are usually meant to be guides; to show you the steps to take.
I suggest watching/reading a few tutorials on modelling. Just modelling in general. It doesn’t matter what the person doing the tutorial is making, just pay close attention to which tools they use, how and why they use them. You’ll be able to pick up the techniques you need to make whatever you like, it will take a while but it is worth the effort.
There are plenty of reference images of Miku around on the internet, so use some of them as a guide. (:

Welcome, by the way. I’m new to this site too, but I’ve been using Blender for years.