Hattack level (source code)


I stoped working on stargate alliance alternative, because Im learning ogre engine.
This is wip blend file of the first level: named Hattack,
made in 2.43 version, using external plugin (pysonic)
you must start the aplication by double click because the plugin must be added.
(bad my english I know :frowning: )



What a pity!
It was a real nice looking level!
But, why don’t you use it with Ogre?

Because we need AAA kvality models textures and graphic.
but the game its be freeware

You can make those A quality models by yourself. There are a lot of ways to make textures. You can use CrazyBump for easily generating normal maps.
I’m not familiar with using OGRE. Your English needs some work but I can read it, it takes a bit more efford but yes, I can. It’s good enough.

- AniCator