Haunt_house needs help to be able to come to amsterdam

Hi folks

It seems I don’t have to sleep with the sea gulls, thanks to a kind person .

But I could still use some help with getting to Amsterdam.
Anyone from Germany who travels by car?

By the way, Of course I could make up for the ride by giving blender lessons or doing small modelling or animation work.

Thanks in advance


Old message:

Hello blenderheads

It finally happened. It’s around time to go to the blender conference and I’m totally broke. I have been at every conference since the blender sources opened and although I appear to be a more quiet member of the blender community, the conference is very important to me.

So I need help getting to the conference

and a place where I can sleep safely

(anything will do, as long as it’s free of huge spiders and rats). I’m housebroken and a nonsmoker.

My usual expenses for the whole trip are around 220 euro (the cheapest version I could find), but I don’t have that amount of money atm).

And if I have to hitchhike there and sleep outside in Amsterdam, I just have no choice. Yes, I am well aware that this would be risky in many ways.

Haunt_House (Suzanne Award Winner for best character animation 2005)

Not a single reply yet? Are you just going to let this long-time Blenderhead and all round nice guy sleep out in the rain?


Sorry, I’m in USA. Can’t help ya. But I agree with Fligh.

Well, I might offer him money, but I don’t really have enough to spare. I might offer to let him stay at my place, but Australia is just a small distance too far from where the conferance is held.

That leaves me wiiiiitttthhhhh…

Good luck? I hope you manage it?

are you female
and if yes what are your measurements

perhaps we can work something out…

Well, I knew that the chance of getting any help over the forum would be small.

What I was searching for was someone coming to the conference by car, so I might have had a chance of getting there cheaply and maybe someone else who has a place to sleep in exchange for receiving blender knowledge from someone with 5 years of experience.


P.S.: Super Wu-Man, You’ll never have the pleasure of dating me.

I almost responded using a word that rhyms with ‘date’ (like “Wu might not get to date you, but I’ll _____ you”)…

But then I thought better of it, and ended up typing this instead, which could easily be assembled simly by applying an (even slightly) dirty mind.

Hopefully you’ll be able to figure something out in time, though it’s getting a bit close to the conferance.

You could have read your messages before posting. Maybe you’re not interested?

Wish I could help you out but I’m still looking for my own place in Amsterdam… it’s underway, but not there yet. If I had, … but I haven’t… so… sorry, could ask around though.