"Haunted" Ani-o-matic

This isn’t really finished, (the ani-o-matic is) but this is as far as I will probably go with it. This was really my first ani-o-matic, and I wanted to see what I slap together in a short time, and work out a workflow for future ani-o-matics.

Theme: Desert, Mordern War

Adjectives: Dusty, Arid, Deserty, Heavy Sun

Charactes: M1A1 (Tank), BDRM (Tank), Little Bird (Helicopter)

(Those were adjectives to put in words what you cannot see in the Ani-o-matic)


Also, If anyone else has an ani-o-matic to post, please do.

I came up with the scene while listening to that song, the ani-omatic is a good and fast way to get images in your mind into perspective.

Another thing is I want to know if this puts the image into your minds aswell?