Haunted by a City that Once Was

This one was hard to make. It’s one of a series exploring the death of Beirut, my hometown, following the devastating explosion that took place on the 4th of August at 6:07 PM.

It’s made using an accurate 3d recreation of the city, with a single point light at the exact point of the explosion. The lit areas ended up being the ones directly destroyed by the shockwave. An ultra-high-resolution NFT version is available for sale on Rarible.


Fitting symbol of the tragedy. To think that Beirut was once an oasis of prosperity & refined tastes - still unclear what caused the explosion… Good that you can grieve expressively as a designer.

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Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad and lucky to have a creative outlet through which to (attempt to) process this.

Your work is an inspiration :fire:
Thank you for this piece🖤