Haunted Household

Heres a re-render of my WC entry; after I submitted there were many things that bothered me.

I appreciate all C&C



“Dear, you need to eat your breakfast!”
“But Honey, I’m not hungry!”
“You need the energy to go thorugh this day.”
“But I’m DEAD!!!”

Heh. Good work on this one, everything is nicely done. But I think the ghosts would look better in a transparent, non-refractive, probably shadeless, white color (a la Casper, or something of the like). But that’s just me, I dunno…

I agree with friday. At the moment they look like water. Like that dude in X-Men that turned into water. The kitchen looks great though. Nice job.

This looks good, for some reason I missed the entry in the wc. Chair and table legs look to be too narrow to support any weight, but hey these are ghosts.