Haunted Ocean

I finally figured out something I wanted to do with the ocean sim! Took a bit of work to get the surface to look the way I wanted. Figured out in the end to set it to displace, and set the scale and resolution ridiculously high. This was res 48. I baked it from 6 million polys down to 820k. :yes: Then I threw in a bit of fog to hide the edge of the mesh and make the shot look extra creepy.:evilgrin:

Nicely done. This image has a good feel to it. I like the lanterns, they add a lot.

I think this stands up pretty well, though the waves don’t look quite right. For their size, the shapes are too pointed - it looks like a small pool of water and a small boat, seen from up close. Also more detail on the ship would add something, I think.

Good work!

what about some DOF¿? it will make look this image really better

Nice work, good stormy atmosphere.

But what about tilting the ship a little, keeping the lanterns straight (or even a little countertilt). This would add much more drama.

I thought about this as well.

I’m concerned that whoever is steering this ship CANNOT SEE WHERE THEY’RE GOING.