Haunted Stairwell


I’m looking for feedback on my latest project, a disused stairwell, influenced by the stairwell of a car-park I recently had the misfortune of using.

I’ve used this as a way of increasing my lighting skills, and to get used to Eevee as it’s my first work not done with Cycles.

I’d really appreciate any thoughts, specifically on lighting, texturing and composition.

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Looks great!
For me it looks to clean and polished. Especially the hand-railing looks too shiny for me.
In old and dirty stairways the hand-railing is full of sticker and chewing gums and so on.
Its simply more rough in some places i think.
Also there is no rubbish in the corners of the platform, what (I think) is not unusual for such places.
Or the lamps are also full of stickers or glue-rest sometimes.

The stairs look very steep for me. Is this on purpose? Otherwise i would flatten the slope a little bit.

Great work! Would love to see a update!

Thank you for the comments @LeoKuenne!

I see what you mean about the hand-rail. Whilst trying to get the lighting right I’d dialed down the roughness on the hand-rail shader but now it does look a bit too polished and shiny.

I definitely feel that the floor level is too empty, and needs some kind of focal element such as rubbish in it.

The stairs are actually modelled to the UK Building Reglations on step heights for fire escapes, so it may be that the steepness is due to the camera, as it’s a very wide angle lens (18mm) positioned quite high and angled downwards.

Quick update: fixed the roughness on the rails and added some volumetrics as well as a bit of subtle DOF

I’ve made some minor lighting tweaks and broken up some of the grunge on the floor, but the main addition is obviously the ghost of the little girl.

I felt that I really needed some sort of character/focal element to this image, and the choice for me was either zombie or ghost, and the ghost was a lot less time-consuming!

Flipped the Camera around so now it’s looking up the stairs at the ghostly girl figure. I’d really appreciate any feedback on which one people prefer (or are more creeped out by as that’s definitely the vibe I’m going for)