Haunted Western Saloon

Here’s an older project of mine with an old western saloon. Hope you enjoy!


I feel like you captured that old Western saloon vibe pretty well. The piano looks great and the lighting of the window slats makes for evocative shadows. You have a neat technique of placing a silhouette/shadow of a man in a scene to show that it is inhabited. The biggest thing for me is the chair legs sticking up - it doesn’t look natural. Next is: I see you have some DOF with the counter in the foreground but there is so little showing that the depth of the scene isn’t enhanced. And final: the shadow at the top, it cuts almost horizontal and becomes almost monolithic even though there are two wall planes - maybe if you cast up another light from the window (like the sun reflecting off the ground) you could light up the piano wall. For the shadow of the man with the hat, you might think about having softer or lighter shadow or even a slight hue, something that gives away that it is a different kind of shadow.

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