Have a break [Apartment rendering]

Hi everyone, :slight_smile:

In those days, I learning ane testing Yaf(a)ray and I have decided to render a thing in a pseudo-realistic way. So, I choose to model an armchair in an apartment, a cup a of coffee (coming soon) and some other things.

Here is a render:


Todo list:

  • add some things behind the armchair to get more depth.
  • work more on shaders
  • work more on lighting
  • and maybe add some futuristic things :smiley:
  • I know the render is a bit noisy yet, but it’s just a test version *

So, what do you think about it ?
How can I improve it ?

Thanks for answer :slight_smile:


I think it looks fine so far.

Like you say, a little more work on lighting and reduce the noise. I’m looking forward to updates.

One thing though - the shadows under the armchair. Do you have two light sources, or are there two windows ?

Oh, yes I’ve got two windows, as you said it’s a bit ugly actually. I’m going to correct that :wink:

I think the wood itself could stand to be a little darker, and gently reflective; it looks a bit flat for stain finish right now. The upholstry on the chair could also be a little shinier, because the cloth on those old armchairs was usually woven horsehair or something of the type.

Hi everyone, :slight_smile:

I decided to change all the apartment (a thing brings an other one, you know what I mean ^^). So, here are some random pictures of the uptdates:



Colors are not final, textures too. A lot of furniture is missing, some neon effect too, but it’s coming :wink:

An other render test:


A bit too bright actually. :slight_smile:

Hi everyone, :slight_smile:

Some updates ^^



I love the holographic screen effect that you have for the television. I was trying to achieve something like that for the interior of my titan a while ago, however my goal changed when made a cool mistake. So far this apartment certainly feels different to the usual square deal that likes to crop up, I’m looking forward to seeing how you fill the space around the room.

Thanks Extra guy :wink:

New update,


By the way, holograms, I love them, I will create several surprises with this technique :slight_smile:

The project:


Great work! I like it.