Have a need for vid instruction from a blender master on comic book creation

I have need of a blender master skilled at all level of production(most importantly lighting and rendering and posing with pitchipoy for the purpose of illustration) to make focused video tutorials on areas of concern, as detailed below.

I can make a simple 3d models, require the tutelage of a master of lighting, rendering, shaders, texturing and freestyle in blender in order to achieve the illustration styles that I desire to(which in order are

  1. pure black and white comic with black outlines like jeff smiths bone
  2. grayscale cel hading style with black outlines
  3. colored cell shading style with black outlines.
    I know how to rig a mesh using the pitchipoy rig, but, I don’t understand the rig controls well enough to create body gestures and facial expressions that I require and how to create a pose library with all my premade poses and expressions save in them.
    How to move and manipulate the camera in the best way to create comic book style pages and panels is also one of my goals.
    The master 3d artist can discuss with me what my needs are, do brief video tuts on how to achieve them and explain node use, and I can try to replicate the effects, and what I fall short on, they can correct in the blend file I send them.

So to put it all together simply, this is all for the purpose of illustrations, comic book style, and I need help with understanding lightning and rendering settings I need to achieve my desired effect in the scenes that I want, explanation on what cycles nodes and/or freestyle settings I need to achieve the effect and why I use them, and, quickest ways to use pitchipoy rig for pose libraries and posing for panels, as well as camera manipulation for establishing panel shots
I have practice characters I can use for the scenes, but I need the aid of someone who is a master at using blender for illustration purposes to take my work to the next level.

I am offering $500USD total for help in achieving my desired milestones at the rate of $100USD/week of direction, with more time to be ordered and additional money to be paid if we need to continue past the first 5 weeks, with bonus compensation on top of the agree upon fee if the lessons exceed my expectations.

Since someone has stepped up for this job, how do I mark it as solved?

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I’ve done it for you. :slight_smile: In the future, you should be able to do it yourself by editing your original post in Advanced Mode and changing the thread prefix.