Have a video as the side of a cube?

I am very new to blender and have done a couple of little animations for a youth club I am helping to run. As part of what we are doing it has been suggested that it would be nice to have a cube which spins round with a video clip on one side. Is it possible to do this? I had a hunt around and couldn’t find any tutorials on doing this, does this mean that blender is not capable of doing it?

Basically I just want to start off with a simple cube, replacing one of the sides with a little video clip (I can do most formats!). I do not really want to split the video into images, but I can do if it is necessary.

Hope that makes sense!


it is easy:

select the cube,

shift to the edit mode (with the tab button)

select the Face(that you want to add video)

make a new material with that.

go to the texture part:

add image

choose your movie

press the movie button and on the left select how many frames you want to show.

that’s all,if you had done nothing wrong ,it will work.

In case part of what Piterx said wasn’t very clear: The cube has two materials, one being a “blank” colour and the other being the movie material. And in case you didn’t know, by default Blender goes at 25frames/sec.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

This shows how much of a noob I am at this! I wouldn’t have asked if I hadn’t beein in such a hurry.

On with the learning! :wink: