Have an object continue moving in a straight line

I’ve animated a cylinder moving along a straight line, with 2 location keyframes. After the second keyframe I would like the cylinder to continue moving in that direction at the same speed. Is there a quick way of doing this without working out the co-ordinates for it’s destination?

I was hoping I could achieve this with rigid body physics but gravity kicks in.

If I read your post right, what you’re looking for is a way of extrapolating. This is easily done:

  • In the Graph Editor (or the Dope Sheet, actually), select the channels you want (in this case, they’re you X, Y, and Z location channels) for your object
  • Press Shift+E and choose Linear Extrapolation (it’s in the menu, too, but I’m not able to look it up at the moment.

You should be good to go from there.

Perfect! thanks so much.