Have any Project(s) you've been working on for Years?

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Yeah! Exactly that!
Now I know that hehe, back then I didn’t :slight_smile:

There was so much things I didn’t know about back then, I was a lousy modeler, a lousy animator, a lousy artist and a lousy director (even today I may be all that, although I did improved) But… making animation movies was all that I wanted to do with my free time, so I kept pushing it forward. I was chacing a Dream not money or views.

If I was to make a re-make of Orion Tear Today it would have arround 4 to 6 minutes max and I could easly triple the amount of action and eye catching stuff… and would be easier to understand also hehe

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Yeah, large animation projects are really best done in a team, that way you have other people to pick up the slack of your own shortcomings. This whole thread reminds me of “The game that time forgot”, you might get a kick out of it if you havent seen it:

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I’ve seen it now :slight_smile:
Yeah! I do relate with this guy feelings! Thanks for sharing it!


Here’s an interesting question for those who have long running projects. When do you feel comfortable showcasing your project? I have an animation project that is barely done, but I have plenty of renders and test animation that more or less represents the visuals in the final film.

But I just don’t know if I should show others just in case this project is still going to take another several years. I also feel unsure if I’m even going to finish this project as a film. I sometimes think it might be easier to tell the story as a comic book.

I guess I’m just worried I can’t keep promises about my own project to others, because I feel uncertain about the future of them myself.

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That is absolutely something I can relate to…lol

But I also feel now, that it is not a good thing, this social need to “follow through”. Granted. We all know that good business and many aspects of interpersonal relationships hinge on “keeping your word”.

But I now have the opinion that beyond the obvious necessities in life and for good business where it warrants it, you should say to hell with it. It is entirely your choice to follow through with what you want to do. To change your mind. To go another direction you feel you need to. Start over, go to another medium. Or frankly kick the entire thing over a cliff.

All that matters is that you are doing what you are doing because you want to do it. And for no other reason.

I can’t tell you the number of times I said “Well, I have the script now. This is the one. This one is fantastic.” And then start producing it. And then to turn around and toss it all out. I have props and sets I will never use.

And of this writing, right now, I have a production script. It is locked. New scenes and pages get A,B,C, D etc. And new revisions get colors… lol

And I gotta tell you. I feel pretty damn fantastic about it. But I would not be here if I let myself be too concerned about “keeping my word”. When you think about it, it is pretty silly.

But it is funny you mentioned a comic strip. That idea actually crossed my mind too. But from the point of view of doing a version of it, as a pre-release.

There is definitely something to be said for going with simpler mediums to produce.

A lot of our problems are because we bite off too much.

But getting your story out there (and with copyright filed) is a great way to get feedback and get inspiration. Not to mention build a little fan base.


My thoughts exactly. I just like to keep things under wrap until I know deep down in my heart that said project is something I HAVE to finish. And that I know that I’m not going to give up on it till the day it’s done.

But anyway, thanks for the great advice! Actually, I’m really happy with how much good advice turned up in this topic. This was the first topic I made not of my own personal art. so I’m glad people have found it relatable/interesting!

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Yeah. True. You know there is the concept that the development process - for me anyway - is best kept private or among close trusted creative partners. It could be distracting coming out too soon.

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Heh, I can relate to that because I can be a bit of a perfectionist myself (though the example in the video is quite severe compared to what went on with me).

At the least, this game started well before the days where you can also make the mistake of making it available for preorders on Steam with early access builds, the gaming community would never let him hear the end of their complaints or worse. :open_mouth: