have anything in between player and camera turn transparent?

Is there a way to apply a alpha transparency map over a shader based on a ray hit?

So this way, rather than moving the camera, you could just have a x-ray"tunnel" through textures?

I need it for some in game cut scenes,

There’s a shader for this, yeah. It’s a “cut-out” shader. You can find the shader on the BGE shader wikibook here. You’ll have to use something to designate what “line” to cut it off at, which is where you might run into some problems.

EDIT: If you just want the entire object to turn invisible, then you can just cast a ray from the object / player to the camera, and then adjust its color property.

Well, what I would like is for it to “Fade” from the Uv coordinate of the ray, Full transparency out…

I can do castRays() but have not messed with shaders yet (in fact I can’t even see them right now!) my on board gpu is fried so I am in plug and play mode, vga?

Wrectified will need this though, but if I do write it I can’t really test it…


A negative alpha light source would be nifty,

from what I see the easiest way to do it is using a view aligned discard, but I don’t really see how to code it,

You can set the object’s materials to use the object color (the color you can set in the object context) and change the alpha value to fade the objects.

The object color can changed through the object.color property so you would use that for objects hit by the ray.

I know this sounds lazy, but could someone write this for me and drop it in the team projects Wrectifed thread?

My gpu is toasted. I can’t even run textures… I am using a intel onboard at the moment