Have game prices gone through the roof?


The Guitar Hero deluxe edition officially costs more then the Xbox 360 arcade and about as much or more then a Wii. I’m serious, for some of the consoles it’s being made for, the console itself is less expensive.

I shouldn’t have to pay more for a game then the console itself, especially pay for a deluxe edition of things I don’t need. The regular edition of the new Guitar Hero comes with all the instruments, it could be cheaper to sell just the CD because rabid fans would already have the instruments and don’t need more.

How does one game represent the prices of all games?

I’m not really into game buying so I really haven’t noticed much.

Lucky for me I’m a retro gamer :evilgrin:

Cyborg Dragon, do yourself a favor and play Pac-Man or Pong, or a REAL game. Guitar Hero is a fad, and will die out rather soon and be replaced by something else. But Pong and Pac-Man are games that people will be playing 50 years from now.

I know what you mean man, it sucks how new release games nowadays have broken the hundred dollar mark. But anyone can tell you that it will get worse before it gets worse. Just imagine in 10 years time when the Playstation 5 comes along - it would be twice as powerful, ten thousand times larger, and so expensive that only the five richest kings of europe would own them. Oh and by that time, the calculated matches in dating sims would be so perfect that it would eliminate the thrill of romantic conquest.

Guitar Hero is popular and content filled enough that whoever makes it can charge as much as they want and still get huge profits.

Everything else is still 60USD.

I totally agree. Games are getting way to expensive, Down here in NZ a new release game can cost up to NZ$120 (which is equal to US$75!) :mad:

Also Do you have a GameSpot account CD?

No one is going to play Crysis, or Assassin’s Creed, or MGS4, or really any game that’s out right now in 50 years except for those niche players into “retro gaming,” much like the people who still play pac-man. All games are “fads” in this sense.

Oh and expensive games are nothing new, iirc Steel Battalion was $200 in 2002

I wouldn’t count on it, DDR has been around for 10 years now and is still releasing new ones. If I understand correctly Guitar hero is almost the same thing as DDR only without the risk of looking foolish on a dance pad or getting exercise. The drums for Rock Band look like a lot of fun, and i have seriously considered buying them after I learned they would work with StepMania. I have no interest in rock music games, but playing some DnB and Gabber songs on those drums in StepMania sounds pretty sweet.

What? For $219.99 you get:

This edition of the game includes the game software, a USB microphone, a five-pad drum kit with kick pedal, guitar and drum wireless receivers, two drumsticks, a Guitar Hero: World Tour guitar faceplate, a sticker pack, a guitar strap, a T-shirt (XL only), a dual recharge kit, a dual “gig bag,” and a Guitar Hero keychain.

Think about that for a minute, wireless controllers, custom made for this game. A massive music library, all the game art, design and programming, etc.

The Guitar Hero deluxe edition officially costs more then the Xbox 360 arcade and about as much or more then a Wii.

Maybe that’s because for the money, a 360 is actually really bloody cheap.

Seriously, look at the technology involved in all of this working, look at how much old 16 colour games cost in the past, then tell me this is such an awful thing.

I shouldn’t have to pay more for a game then the console itself, especially pay for a deluxe edition of things I don’t need.

Then don’t, and quit bitching about having cheap and powerful hardware at your disposal

FFS, the technology we have is incredible. I mean, GAH, look around you, we live in the most comfortable & progressed age ever. After all the terrible things mankind has worked through, and pushed forwards the boundaries of knowledge, you sit there and complain that some company is selling an advanced entertainment device for less money than an advanced game with electronic instruments. Oh fucking woe must be you.

I’m not saying this as someone who has a hard life, because my life is very cushy right now, I just hate it when people complain about a really, really good situation.

Edit -

Let’s put this all in a little perspective. In the UK (assuming the price was just converted, not the markup we usually see), this would take about 20 hours to earn, on minimum wage. A starting graduate wage, maybe 9 hours. PhD student, about 4.5 hours (based on wages at my uni). A PhD student could be about 22/23 here (possibly 21).

20 hours for a drum kit, guitar controller, songs, game, microphone, random goody kit. For less than that, you can buy powerful computing hardware.

But you have to remember the original poster is from Kansas were the state minimum wage is $2.65 an hour.

That’s a bit the minimum wage. Cor you’d have to work long hours to buy games.

wow thats got to suck, do they really only pay people that much CD? if you work at mc donalds or something

Whoa! Minimum wage here is $8.00 an hour. I think it was around $5.00 an hour in the `80s.

I didn’t know my state’s minimum wage is that low. All I know is our current governor wanted to raise the minimum wage, though she’s a democrat and has to try to shove her stuff through a legislature full of republicans.

Well on the bright side - maybe because it can attract some large internationally acclaimed companies to invest in your state as preference because of the lower minimum wages. Now this could include some games companies like Guitar Hero people and you never know, GH will lower in costs.

Ofcourse the minimum wage in Fiji is $1.50 which when converted to US Dollars is heaps lower. So have some sympathy for Fijians who have to work for a month of Sundays to afford Guitar Hero. But on the optimistic side . . . . some of the larger internationally aclaimed companies could maybe divert some of their research into the cost of production in Fiji as opposed to Kansas. Just an idea!

Hey who knows? Maybe a spin-off like lali hero? It could catch on, at least for a while, then there could be even more games to get bored of in a month or so. Hey ma, shine up your credit card!

Like their Polynesian neighbours, modern Fijians play guitar, ukulele and mandolin along with a variety of indigenous instruments, most commonly lali drums, which are now used to call the people of an area together. Lali drums were an important part of traditional Fijian culture, used as a form of communication to announce births, deaths and wars. A smaller form of the lali drum (lali ni meke) is used as a form in instrumentation. Meke is a kind of spiritual folk dance, in which dancers bodies are said to be possessed by spirits. Other percussion instruments include the derua, which are tubes made of bamboo which are stamped on mats or on the ground. Other dances included the women’s dele, which humiliated enemy prisoners sexually, and the men’s cibi, which uses spears and clubs [1].

Linky :rolleyes:

PC games used to be $19.99 on average in the early 2000’s. Now they’re like $39.99

Well, i buy computergames since ~1985.
I´ve never bought a newly released game for less than ~48 USD. (including European VAT of av.20%)

The development of an average PC game involves ~5 - 10.000.000 USD, many even more.
And if you buy a game 1st day out its your own fault.

Take Spore. 1st day here, 55 Euro, 2 days later 45 Euro on amazon.
Sacred 2, preorder and release day, 49 Euro. 1! day later 38 Euro on amazon.

If you must have it immedately pay, the price.
And if it isn´t the bestselling chartbreaker like a GTA3 or whatever and developed X-Platform, you might cover the production costs and a bonus for your employees, but getting rich? Many many gamestudios are simply satisfied with a normal wage and the awareness they created something many ppl enjoy.

I think computergames just “feel” more expensive nowadays because:
a) the quantity raises, the quality drops
b) the overall urge to posess things raised. you need a cellphone, a computer, a handheld, a cool flatscreen TV, hifi speakers, latest tech and fancy electronics, so the overall budget stays the same, the possibilities to waste it get more and more.

Back in my days, you had the choice between C64, Atari and Amiga500. And they where that expensive you had to keep them for years, so it was fine to buy a game once a month. and you where lucky if one game a month was relased.
Today only for PC av. 5 games are released a month. And many ppl dont take the time to enjoy their games anymore.

And if a developer invested 1000h to develop a game and i have to give the money of 2-3 workhours for a game that gives me 100h of fun, its a fair trade for me.

Of course this depends on your wage, but it is impossible for all people to have the same amount of luxury unless there would be such a thing as perfect communism, where then IMO everybody would have the same amount of luxury - none :slight_smile: